Nerds Gotta Eat: Purple Puma Steaks

Steven Universe is such a rad show, and Steven’s a cutie for sure, but Amethyst is my girl. I love er the most, and I want to be just like her. One of my favorite episodes is the episode where Steven finds out that Amethyst sneaks out at night to become the Purple Puma, a wrestler! Purple Puma is rad as heck, so why wouldn’t I want a dinner that represented him?


To make the Purple Puma Steaks, I needed:
1 head of Purple Cauliflower
2 medium Sweet Potatoes
Olive Oil
Minced Garlic
Thyme (optional)
Chili Powder
Ground Black Pepper
Cooking Spray
Chopped Cashews

First off, wash up your veggies, and preheat your oven to 425*! Then peel and chop your potatoes into 3/4 inch cubes. Spray a cookie sheet with the cooking spray, spread out your chopped up potatoes on it, and spray them with the cooking spray as well.

Next, remove the outer leaves from your purple cauliflower, and slice it into inch thick slices. I got 2 slices out of the head I bought, plus some extra bits to eat with hummus later! Put the slices onto a second (sprayed) cookie sheet, and cover them with olive oil, and sprinkle a little bit of cumin, chili powder, and ground black pepper on top. Put both sheets into the oven.


I took both sheets out after about 30 minutes; my potatoes were soft and the cauliflower steaks were a bit dark (but that’s because of the oil). Then, mash up the potatoes with some minced garlic. Plate the mashed sweet potatoes, top with the cauliflower steaks, chopped cashews, and add thyme to taste.


The potatoes under the cauliflower reminded me of the episode where Garnet and Pearl fuse to become Sardonyx, and Amethyst feels left out. But really, the Crystal Gems are best when they’re working together.


I found that this recipe is a bit time consuming, but extremely filling and delicious! I felt like a part of the Gem universe, and like I could wrestle my way out of any situation. Definitely try this out when you’ve got time; it’s awesome!













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