Fangirl Wishlist: The Cursed Child

In case you all haven’t heard yet, J.K. Rowling is writing a new play in the world of Harry Potter called Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Not much is known about this, except that it for sure is not a prequel in any way BUT it will deal with the past of the Potter family, but nonetheless Harry Potter fans, like myself, are incredibly excited.


Of course, not all of us can get to London to see it, since it’s being produced in London. There’s so many factors to consider; play ticket, plane ticket, hotel ticket, food money, shopping money (cause I’m in London I’m buying stuff try and stop me), so on and so on. And now we’ve been told that the play will be produced in two parts. Which doubles basically everything I just listed, especially since I don’t think it’s been told when both parts will be produced.

There are a couple hopes though. Perhaps the play will be produced in America and all over the world so that fans all over the world can see it. This, however, means lots and lots of waiting. And though Harry Potter fans aren’t new to waiting, how long would we be waiting?

My personal hope (and wish) is that it, like so many other plays and events, will be broadcast live around the world. There are a couple different companies who do this, allow these events to be shown in theaters. I really hope that one of them – and the queen J.K. Rowling herself – allows The Cursed Child to be one of those events. It would be such a shame for the world of Harry Potter fans not to have the chance to see this new chapter in our childhood friends’ lives.










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