Heroes Rewatch: Brave New World

It is time. The marathon is coming to an end. We’ve gone these past couple of months and now, the final episode of the original Heroes series is upon us. Let us watch chapter 18 – the final chapter for “Redemption” and the show as a whole – “Brave New World”.

We begin underground with Claire and Noah realizing they’re trapped. They’re buried about 40 or 50 feet, and on top of them is Lauren, confused as to where the carnival went.

Peter and Gabriel wake up and are actually kind of friends. Matt is in his kitchen to prep dinner when many Elis show up. Eli tells Matt why he’s there, more Elis appear by Peter and Gabriel, and Matt uses his powers and brute force to find the real Eli. As the Elis gain the upper hand, they disappear and Peter and Gabriel come in. They disabled the real Eli, wherever he was. Peter and Gabriel ask Matt to read Eli’s mind to find out the truth. Matt refuses, still not trusting Gabriel. Peter reads his mind and discovers the plan. Matt doesn’t want them to leave, constantly refusing to trust Gabriel. Gabriel basically begs to Matt to give him a chance at redemption, saying that living in his head has shown him how to be a good person. Matt reads his mind and finds the truth in what Gabriel is saying, letting them go save the world. They leave Eli with Matt.

Samuel is at the carnival, making another speech about how he and his family will change the world and reveal themselves. He pledges that there won’t be any more hiding among his kind. He’s so compelling, he’s even winning Edgar over again. Oh, and they’re in Central Park. Emma finds Samuel, who says it’s time for her solo. He wants her to use her Siren ability to call all of the people to the carnival. But Peter warned her with the dream, and she refuses. But Samuel has a Doyle on his side. And Doyle isn’t so nice anymore.

Hiro wakes up to find Ando asleep in a chair. Hiro is ready to fight for his life and love, having regained full control of his powers. He receives a note from a woman in another room; Charlie has found him. They go to the room, and find and elderly Charlie waiting for Hiro. She tells him what happened to her the day she disappeared. She ended up in 1944, afraid and alone. But she went on with her life, getting a job and living on. Hiro blames himself for what happened to her. Charlie assures him it wasn’t his fault, she’s only happy to have seen him one last time. She is dying once more, and he offers to fix it again. Ando pulls him aside and finds that Hiro plans to go back to 1944 and bring her back to the time she belongs. Ando knows it isn’t a great idea; it would alter a ton of history. Hiro tells Charlie the plan, and though it sounds nice, she has lived her life. She has children and grandchildren and had a happy life. She knows Hiro can’t change it, can’t end the lives of her family. And Hiro knows she is right.

Claire and Noah realize they can’t dig their way out, or at least Noah can’t. Claire can try and try, constantly regenerating. Noah realizes Samuel planned to have Claire watch Noah die. Claire refuses to accept that Noah will die, but Noah needs to tell Claire all of the truth beyond what she saw in the house of mirrors. Noah still believes that Samuel’s plan will end in danger for Claire’s kind, even though Claire hopes that the world is more ready than he thinks. But he is more accepting than he had been thanks to Claire entering his life. He asks for forgiveness, but she thanks him instead for shaping who she is. He asks her to promise to hide when the world discovers the truth, to keep his nightmare from coming true. He begins to fade away before she can answer. She digs a hole, and water pours in. Not just water though; Tracey Strauss to the rescue. She grabs Noah and Claire and uses her powers to get them out of the trailer. Lauren grabs them as they appear out of water. She has arranged transport for them to get to NYC. Tracey doesn’t reappear, but Noah owes her now.

Samuel’s plan is working; a crowd is streaming into the carnival thanks to Emma and Doyle. It’s never been so full, and Samuel walks through to ensure his plan will come to fruition. Edgar is back to his doubtful self a bit, but is going along with Samuel’s plans.

Emma is trying to resist Doyle. Claire, Noah, and Lauren arrive at the carnival and split up to find Samuel and end this. Peter and Gabriel arrive and Peter realizes the dream is coming true. Gabriel tells Peter to find Samuel while he saves Emma. Noah calls Ando to get Hiro to the carnival when Edgar finds him. Gabriel finds Emma and Doyle together in the house of mirrors and tries to take her cello, but Doyle is Doyle and uses his power. Samuel watches as his plan comes full circle. The showdown begins.

Claire runs to the group of specials getting ready and warns them about Samuel when he arrives. She exposes his plan to the family, but they don’t believe her. Edgar and Noah chat about how they have similar goals of stopping Samuel and agree to work together. Eli shows up…great. Ando tells Hiro they are needed to stop the carnival, and Hiro says one last goodbye to Charlie.

Gabriel tries to talk Doyle down, which confuses Doyle. He gets distracted enough that Emma uses her anger to fling him away. Gabriel ensures Emma is ok before knocking out Doyle. Samuel and Claire continue to stand off, Claire telling them the truth about Samuel’s power. Finally others are listening to her as she tells them to walk away and make his powers weak. She tells them what he did to Joseph, and the real Samuel shows himself for a moment. Edgar and Noah come in to back Claire up, confirm everything Claire has said and more. And Eli is actually working with them thanks to Matt messing with his mind and making him helpful. The family abandons Samuel, finally knowing the truth.

Samuel jumps on stage after his family has left him, promising the crowd a great show. He begins an earthquake around everyone, causing mass panic and chaos. Peter flies in and takes him out, absorbing his power. They have a stand off, power vs power, words against words. Samuel tries to use the big-brother-letting-them-down card, but Peter believes in his brother, always has. Hiro arrives and Claire tells him to teleport everyone. Everyone joins hands, and Ando agrees to supercharge Hiro’s powers to help. Noah stays behind, and Hiro and Ando are true heroes. Samuel’s power is broken. Peter brings him out and shows him the empty carnival, shows him being abandoned once more. Noah and Peter remain and watch as Samuel remains ordinary. And volume five, “Redemption”, is ended.

Volume six, “Brave New World”, begins in the carnival. Emma and Peter reunite once more. Emma tells him that Gabriel took care of Doyle, which meant stringing him up instead of killing him. Gabriel is redeeming himself. Claire has returned to assure Noah that everyone is safe. Lauren has called in a few favors so that Samuel can never be heard from again. Cover story is a gas line rupture, which disappoints Claire. She still believes in a future where everyone can live in peace. Reporters come to Noah asking for comments, but he refuses. Claire, however, makes a plan. She plans to make people change. She tells them to keep cameras on her as she climbs the ferris wheel. Lauren watches with Noah, Hiro with Ando, and Gabriel with Peter. Gabriel believes Claire is doing the right thing, ready for this brave new world. Claire reaches the top and falls off. The cameramen run toward her as she heals herself, saying “My name is Claire Bennet and this is attempt number…I guess I kinda lost count.” And the show ended there. Heroes was over.

For five years, we never knew what this brave new world would be. Would it be accepting or terrified? Peaceful or chaotic? Were people ready for the truth? Five years fans have waited. And now, we have the answers.

Heroes Reborn takes place five years after Claire Bennet revealed to the world that there were specials among them. After her reveal, her kind were given the name Evos, and eventually Evos were told they had to register, to carry identification that said what they were. Many Evos took to the ways of Claire Bennet, recording attempts of their powers as they learned and evolved. On June 13th, the world was rocked by a terrorist attack in Odessa, Texas, in a place where Evos weren’t treated differently. The attack, according to the news, was led by Evo speaker Mohinder Suresh and others who follow him. One man knows the truth about that day; Noah Bennet. But he seems to have lost his memory of the most important day in his life, the day of June 13th when his daughter was killed once and for all. Now, as Evos are hunted, he must find the truth and save the world once more.

Returning to the show, alongside Noah and Mohinder, are Angela Petrelli, Matt Parkman, Hiro Nakamura, the Haitian, and Micah Sanders. The rest of the cast are new characters, both Evos and Normals. It’ll run for 13 episodes and return us to the world of the Heroes. 

You can watch all of the trailers and interviews here, and you can also watch the super important web prequel “Dark Matters”. It’s more important than I had thought, but more on that later.

So, that’s it. The Heroes rewatch is over. We are now prepared for the coming that is Reborn. And it looks like it is going to be one hell of a comeback.











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