Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs

Fangirls, I can’t believe the third piece of peculiardom came into my hands the other day, an I squandered it. I powered through it, eating up every word, and when I finished it, I was exhausted, but wished I hadn’t read it so fast. I am going to try to give as few spoilers as possible, but I can make no guarantees. Please be wary if you have yet to read the book; this is a fantastic book, and you deserve to discover it’s beauties spoiler free.


Like the others of the Miss Peregrine series, this book had me on the edge of my seat. In the first book, it took until the very end for things to take a serious turn. In the second, the peculiars were in trouble from the beginning, but somehow the story continued to escalate. In this one, crap hits the fan hard, and it’s up to Emma and Jacob to save all of peculiardom and humanity.

So like I said earlier, the goal is to keep this as spoiler free as possible, so the details will be sparse. It is up to Emma and Jacob to find a way into the wight infested den where all of the peculiars have been taken, and they’ve got to save everyone. It’s incredibly difficult not to go into crazy detail, because this book is gorgeously detailed.

I loved every minute I spent reading the book, and have gotten two other people hooked on it (my mother has my copy of the first book, while one of my managers has my copy of the second). It’s an addicting series, and it really feels like there is nothing like the world that Riggs has created. In this book there was no lack of peculiar images, nor of new peculiars to be introduced. I think my favorite addition to the peculiar line-up is that of Grimbears; the guard-bears of ymbrynes across the peculiar world. I really liked the idea of a grimbear picking up it’s owner to help it out.

I loved this book, and am hopeful that there will be more books focused on the peculiar life of Jacob. This cleaned up a bit too neatly for everything to be over.












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