Catwoman 45

Now that Eiko’s father, the leader of the Hasigawas is dead, it’s up for her to take over before Sionis can snatch the leadership from her hands. In issue 45, she goes far above and beyond the need to show her allies and family that she can handle controlling the Hasigawas.


After burning her Catwoman outfit, post-funeral, Eiko is visited by Catwoman. Selina tells Eiko that she’s there to help, and suggests Eiko doesn’t go after Sionis. Some harsh words are exchanged, and Selina leaves.

Antonia goes to see the Penguin, and lets him know that not only is she aware that Selina is Catwoman, but that she is also the new head of the Calabrese family. He congratulates her, and they seem to be ready to do business together again. After Antonia leaves, Sionis comes to the Penguin, upset that the Calabrese have been seen nearby, in what was supposed to be his territory. Penguin introduces him to his secret tunnels, and someone waiting for him.

Of course that someone is Catwoman. They fight, and it seems as if she has killed him, but soon after, he crawls to the Penguin’s door to beg for help. The Penguin agrees, as long as Sionis gives him everything, and disappears. I think that sounds like a win for everyone.

Eiko is brought to her garages as there was a disturbance, and finds Killer Croc there. He tells her that Catwoman said to no longer worry about the Black Mask, as he is out of the picture. I found it a little bizarre that Croc was running errands for Selina, but they seem pretty close in the issue a couple months back, where he saved Eiko’s life. So who knows.

Eiko goes to a meeting with her allies, and claims the family as hers. One man questions her, and she destroys him, putting fear into the hearts of her allies and family. When Spoiler shows up to ask about it, Eiko says that her plan is to throw a big party, and kill everyone.

Of this new run of Catwoman, this is my favorite yet. There is a lot of gang dealing going on, but there’s also the badassery that I’ve come to love of Catwoman throughout. Now that Antonia has to take care of the Calabrese’s, I feel like Selina has the time and energy to put back into vigilantism. I’m really excited to read issue 46.











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