Appdicted: Chibi Robo Ziplash

Fangirls, for the most part, I’ve been all about the games I’ve bought for my New 3DS. Sadly, Chibi Robo is not on the list of games I’ve enjoyed. Sure, it’s cute as heck, and a pretty neat game, but it’s just not for me.


Now, let me make this very clear; this is a wonderful game. It’s incredibly cute, and a lot of fun to play. I would have had a blast if I didn’t get caught up on just a couple frustrating things, that really impede me as a “gamer.”

When I play a game, I like to keep it moving. I like quick paced games that I can tear right through; I want to see my progress moving relatively quickly as I go, and I don’t want to be kept waiting. These two things made it really difficult for me to enjoy Chibi Robo.


Chibi Robo is a rerelease of a Nintendo game that’s pretty rad. You, a tiny adorable robot, have to clean up while stopping aliens from stealing all of Earth’s snacks. It’s fantastic! As you make your way through the side-scrolling levels, you use your cord to pull yourself up and take bad guys down. It’s a really neat game.


When you beat a level, you go into a screen with a wheel that you spin to see how many levels ahead you move; 1, 2, or 3. If you only have one spin (determined by the color of the space ship you hit at the end of the level), and you get 3 levels ahead, you’re out of luck. Because you have to play through, and beat, every level in a section before you can go to the boss. I found that incredibly frustrating, because I kept getting multiple numbers, and I had to play a couple levels twice before I could move on. I didn’t like that at all.

I also didn’t like the lack of a run command. I want my character to move quickly, especially when his battery is losing life, and he’s being chased by a cement spiked wall. I would appreciate a faster moving robot. But I didn’t get one, and that really bummed me out.

Like I said, though, other than those two things (which I am entirely hung up on), it’s a fun game. I’m glad that I didn’t buy the copy with the amiibo, so I saved some money on it, and I do enjoy playing it. I just don’t like that I have to replay levels sometimes. If I die and have to replay a level, it’s one thing. But when the game says my spin requires that I replay this level, I don’t get too excited.











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