Watch: How to Get Away With Murder

For years, I hadn’t entered the realm known as Shondaland, a name given to the worlds created by Shonda Rhimes. Nothing had appealed to me, until a commercial for How to Get Away With Murder came on. The title alone is pretty attracting and curiosity-inducing. But what comes with it is a roller coaster.

HTGAWM focuses on the law class of Annalise Keating, played by the brilliant Viola Davis. She’s a tough teacher and a tougher lawyer, and every year she picks a group of students to work with her. This time around, she picks five; Laurel, Connor, Michaela, Asher, and Wes. They are called the Keating 5 and are pretty much the only students who matter. The murder – well, technically there’s a couple. There’s the college student named Lyla mysteriously killed and found in the water tower of her dorm. And the second involves four of the Keating 5.

The story is told by bouncing through time, jumping from the night of the Keating 4 murder involvement to the months beforehand, when the entire group was getting to know one another – this includes Annalise, the Keating 5, Annalise’s husband, the girl next door to Wes who is clearly hiding something, and the others who work for Annalise, Bonnie and Frank. This tactic of telling the story by jumping through time really helps to mess with your brain as you try and piece all of the puzzle together.

Not only is the story telling and the writing brilliant on this show, but the characters diversity is also amazing. Viola Davis is the star and she is incredible as we all should know (I mean she did just win an Emmy for the show and make history at the same time). Wes is played by an old Hogwarts alum, Alfred Enoch who played Dean Thomas for many years. The character of Connor, played by Jack Falahee, is openly gay and his attempt at a stable relationship with Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) is the greatest relationship you can witness and you will constantly root for them. Michaela, played by the beautiful and talented Aja Naomi King, is having relationship problems of her own and has to figure out what she wants in her life. Laurel and the actress who plays her, Karla Souza, are of Mexican descent. And Asher? He’s ironic actually – the character is your everyday white guy asshole, but he’s played by Matt McGory, who’s big online as a speaker for feminism and equality for everyone. The six main stars are diverse, and the characters are so well performed.

Trust me when I say that at the end of every single episode you will be yelling at your television. The show airs at 10pm on Thursdays. I always watched live and I always ended up sitting there with my mouth open trying not to actually yell because I didn’t want to wake up my family. The second season just began, and the first is on Netflix, so if you want to catch up now it the time. It is a brilliant show all around. You won’t be disappointed.










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