A-Force #5

Fangirls, the final issue of A-Force came out, and it did not disappoint. There are a couple things about this ending that I love, so let’s get started.

Issue 5 picks up right where 4 left off, with the battle to save Arcadia from the zombies beginning. It’s first panel, however, is not the battle; it’s something beautiful. It show the four main faces of the A-Force as She-Hulk narrates what Arcadia and the A-Force mean to the Battleworld.

a-force 9

She calls all of the people of Arcadia to stand together against the zombies, and says that anyone who stands with her will be a part of the A-Force. And Arcadia listens. We see some Marvel favorites join the fight, including various X-Men, Spider-Gwen, the Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Mockingbird, and so many more.

a-force 10

Nico is pulled from the battle by the Star Girl, who tries to tell Nico what she is planning to do by revealing her name – Singularity. She returns Nico to the ground before bringing all the zombies and all the enemies of the A-Force into herself and causing them to disappear.

a-force 11

The battle is over, the A-Force is stronger than ever, Loki will be brought to justice, and Singularity lives on somewhere in the reaches of space, always remembering her friends. And the best part of this ending? The last page showed that the A-Force will return in December with an all new story.

a-force 12

I’m so glad A-Force isn’t ending. One, they’re a great team and with these apparent new additions of basically all of Arcadia, they’ll be even better. Two, the writers did well making these characters a family, and I love stories that can take a group of unrelated characters and make them a family. So in December I’ll see you all again with the continuing story of the A-Force.











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