Holiday Lush Haul

Tis the season to be cozy, fa la la laaaa, la la la la. Fangirls, we know that I love Lush, and that I love cute and cozy bath products, especially this time of year! I want to come home from a long day at work, fill my tub with hot water, pop in something cute, and get cozy as heck. After loving almost everything from my Halloween Lush Haul, I decided that going all out for Christmas was a good idea too!

1. Bar Humbug 2. Peeping Santa 3. Magic Wand 4. Candy Mountain
1. Bar Humbug 2. Peeping Santa 3. Magic Wand 4. Candy Mountain

1. Frozen Bath Bomb 2. Stardust 3. So White Bath Bomb
1. Frozen Bath Bomb 2. Stardust 3. So White Bath Bomb

When I opened my incredibly large box from Lush UK, I think my eyes rolled back into my head from pure ecstasy, because holy cow, the scents. Fangirls, if you like aromatherapy, or just sweet smelling things, get your booty to Lush, and bring santa’s sack, because you’re going to need it. Everything I got smells beyond amazing, and I just can’t get over it.


Snow Fairy Shower Gel


Okay, wow. This was the first product I tried from my haul, simply because it was an easy one to grab and use in the shower; no bath needed. This scent is pure sugar; they advertise it as smelling like candy floss (cotton candy), and it’s not an overstatement. When I opened this baby, I felt like Babe must have felt when she got to Toyland; amazing. It’s sweet and sugary, and really made me excited for my day. It doesn’t linger too strongly, but it’s enough to be noticed when close to people.


Needles and Pines Shower Jelly


If you want your showers to smell like Christmas trees, this is your business. I don’t believe this is technically a part of the Holiday Lush Line, but it feels so darn christmassy to me, that I can’t not include it. Like other shower jellies, you scoop this little baby out of it’s pot, scrub it up on your body, and plop it back in. It lasts forever, and is even better when it’s frozen. When I first froze some of my Shower Jellies, I thought it was going to be too cold, but because of the consistency and the heat of the shower it really isn’t. I’ve found that it really does a wonderful job of waking my skin up; the cold jelly in the middle of the heat of the shower is a fantastic wake-up for your skin.


Fairy Dust Dusting Powder

This is possibly the silliest picture, but I barely use this much for my chest and armpits.
This is possibly the silliest picture, but I barely use this much for my chest and armpits.

I’m not going to lie; I bought this product on name alone. Sure, I had heard that the absolute best Lush products were the ones with the Snow Fairy scent in them (Candy Mountain, Snow Fairy, Fairy Dust, and possibly Mmmmelting Marshmallow Moment), but I didn’t know how good it was until I opened the Fairy Dust bottle. It’s magic, Fangirls; pure magic. There is nothing that smells as sweet or satisfying as Fairy Dust and Snow Fairy. I didn’t want to use up all of my Snow Fairy, so I started using Fairy Dust in between uses, and holy cow. I usually use dusting powder on my legs and chest, to help with sweat and possible chub rub, but I use Fairy Dust everywhere. I do love it on my chest, because whenever I change my shirt, or sit down (and air goes up my shirt), I get a whiff of the sweetest treat! Plus, it’s filled with cute sparkles, that make me feel like Peter Pan has come to take me off to Neverland. What’s not to love about that?


So White


This is another product that I bought almost exclusively for the name. Having not smelled it in stores, I wasn’t sure just how strong So White would smell of apples, but it is perfect! It’s strong before the bath, and when I sank into the hot water, I felt enveloped in the best way possible. I wasn’t overwhelmed by the scent, but I didn’t feel there was any lack of scent either. The bomb starts off white, and slowly became red, like an apple, as it went on. This is another bath bomb (like Lord of Misrule) that takes awhile to go off, so a super hot bath works well, because there’s time for the water to cool down just enough by the time the bomb is done.






This was one of the bath bombs that I really wasn’t excited about, until I dropped it into my bath. When the scent was alone (instead of mixed up with my other Lush products), and the visual, as soon as it hit the water. It was beautiful both to smell and see, and I enjoyed the longest bath I’ve had in ages. I highly recommend this bath bomb, for the most gorgeous bath you could imagine; all pretty blues with silver glitter to help you just let go of your cares.




Star Dust


I hate to say it, but I did not like this bath bomb. Visually, it was fantastic. This cute little white star fizzes through your bath, and releases a little bit of blue, turning your water into what looks like the perfect snowy landscape; all white, blue, and sparkly. But it smelled kind of like baby powder, which isn’t as soothing as I’d hoped. I loved that it made me slightly shimmery when I got out, and that there were tiny confetti stars in it that floated around as well, but the scent really wasn’t what I wanted. I was a little bit underwhelmed by this in general; I think having a white bath just wasn’t what I wanted. It is still a pretty bath, I just don’t see myself buying this again.



Peeping Santa


Though I did enjoy this bubble bar, it definitely wasn’t my favorite. I only used a little bit of Peeping Santa because I wasn’t a huge fan of the scent, and didn’t feel like having a full, long bath anyways (it was about 11pm and I only wanted a short bath before I tucked in for the night). It smelled alright, but I wasn’t blown away like I was with some of these other products. It did give my bath a nice peach color, with some bubbles, but I don’t plan on purchasing it again. I do have to admit, though, my skin felt absolutely amazing after using this!




Candy Mountain


With Candy Mountain, I did something I don’t usually do with bubble bars; I used the whole thing at once. And though I felt it was well worth it, I’ll be using my second one in sections; I want to experience it as much as possible! This bath smelled just like Snow Fairy and Fairy Dust. It was incredibly sweet, and full of bubbles (so many bubbles).


I think the intensity and lasting of the bubbles made me love this product; I take pretty dang long baths (usually over an hour), and the bubbles lasted the whole time! They were still there when I let the water out of my tub, so I highly recommend grabbing this! It also makes your bath slightly pink and sparkly, which felt so magical.



Bar Humbug


I loved it. So this cute little bar is phenomenal. It smells very citrusy, and is great for working with that I hate Christmas vibe that tends to go around the holiday season. I used just about 1/3 of it to take my bath, and felt wonderful for the entirety of it. It turned my tub a very sweet light purple, with a great amount of bubbles (enough to make a Santa beard, which is all you really need). I felt like this is the best escapism bubble bar; it smells like citrus, so you’re not forcing yourself to deal with more Christmas scents, and it’s purple, which isn’t really a Christmas color, so you get to take a break from the carolers and general joy of the season. I don’t think Ebenezer Scrooge would find this worth his time, but you definitely should.



Salt and Peppermint Bark


This scrub is so refreshing! I think it is mostly meant for feet and elbows, but I also use it on my legs where I get ingrown hairs, because scrubbing helps relieve them. It is a bit drying; I’ve been noticing that my hands are getting incredibly dry from using it to rub all over, but I have lots of lotion, so that’s no problem. I am in love with the scent; peppermint is my favorite (in just about every sense), plus it lingers a bit, so I have a slight mint scent on me all day. I’m very into it. I don’t recommend this as strongly as some of the other products, but it’s definitely a fun product to have around.


Magic Wand


This was another product I bought almost exclusively for the name. I really enjoy the idea of waving a wand through my bath, and having it turn cute. And realistically, that is exactly what this product did! It took me about 3 minutes of “waving” my wand through the tub to get enough little bubbles and a pink enough tone for me to get ready to hop in. Next time I will be making my bath hotter, so I don’t lose too much heat while working my magic. And thanks to this wand, there will be a next time! This is a product that is intended for use on multiple, separate occasions! I find it incredibly exciting to be able to use this cute wand a couple more times (I’m guessing that I’ll get about 5 baths out of it)! I’m very ready for my next bath.



Well, Fangirls, that’s all I’ve got from the Lush Holiday Collection. There are several more products in the line, which you can find here. If you’re looking for any of the ones listed above, I’ve got them all linked right here for you:
Snow Fairy Shower Gel ($9.95)
Needles + Pines ($8.95)
Fairy Dust (UK Site Only, 5.95 pounds)
So White ($6.45)
Frozen (UK Site Only, 3.95 pounds)
Stardust ($5.25)
Peeping Santa (UK Site Only, 3.95 pounds)
Candy Mountain ($7.45)
Bar Humbug ($6.95)
Salt + Peppermint Bark ($9.95)
Magic Wand (UK Site Only, 5.25 pounds)


I hope your holiday baths are as lovely as mine were, Fangirls!















All images and logos depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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