Batgirl Issue 43

Fangirl, I love Batgirl. I think she’s both rad and adorable, but in this issue it seems she’s gotten in a bit over her head. With helping out with Alysia’s wedding, the cowl, and keeping Frankie out of the line of fire, Babs has a lot going on in her life. And in this issue, that multiplies tenfold.


After a tiger attack at Foxtech, Batgirl walks the scene with Luke Fox. They get quite  friendly; holding hands and teasing, plus he knows her secret identity (and honestly, it seems like a lot of people do. It kind of throws me off, seeing so many people know her both ways). When she hacks the security system, she finds that the user ID and retinal scan belonged to Qadir, her friend with all of the technology. Luke sends him home when they confront him, but he seems surprised and worried about it. And honestly, who wouldn’t be? No one wants to be framed for setting tigers on people!

Meanwhile, Babs is also helping Alysia plan her wedding; the upcoming nuptials are very exciting, but it’s also a lot of work. Every time they’re together, Babs gets called away to figure something out with the tigers. At one point, she even saves a Kate Leth-looking worker from an attack! But when she gets the tiger alone, it’s tag doesn’t lead to any zoo; it’s being kept hidden.

Alysia’s fiancé, Jo, seems to be always exhausted when she’s around. That’s because she’s been doing double duty on the activist front. She and the group she’s a part of have saved a group of tigers from some mystery private zoo. But as she’s working to free them, she is startled by a a woman who tells her it’s better to live one day as a tiger, than a year as a sheep – while her hand is around Jo’s throat.


BG43-1On the side, though, Frankie is upset that Babs is trying to control her involvement in super heroism, and snags her cowl to talk to Qadir. She absolutely kills it, and I want more Frankie as Batgirl’s teammate please.

And of course, that’s where the issue ends. I really enjoyed it; I like reading Batgirl quite a bit. It’s the perfect mix of fun and action, and it has yet to make me bored. Next month we’ll see what the Velvet Tiger wants, and hope that nothing happens to poor Jo.














All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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