Appdicted: Flow Free

I’m not one who does a ton of gaming, Fangirls. I’d love to get into more games but I don’t have the time or the money to invest in many gaming systems. The other day, I was bored and looked on my computer for something new. And I found Flow Free.

flow free 1

I’ve only had it for a couple of days, but I am obsessed with it. Flow Free is a game where you have to fill in a grid by connecting the same color dots. The grids can range anywhere from 5×5 to 14×14. I’ve only attempted up to the 9×9. If you download it, you get tons of levels and what they call “packs”. These range from the regular pack to a bonus pack that has the 10×10-14×14 boards. My personal favorite of these packs is the Bridge Pack – it really helps with those complicated matches.

flow free 2

There’s also a fabulous challenge where you fill in as many boards while being timed. You can do 5×5 boards through 9×9 boards, and the timings range from 4 minutes to 30 seconds. It’s currently my favorite challenge.

This game is free on computers and phones, and I highly recommend it. It’s truly addicting and it’s a wonderful brain teaser.











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