Captain America Civil War Trailer and Poster

Marvel fans got a surprise recently as the first Captain America Civil War trailer was released. It debuted on Jimmy Kimmel Live when Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans appeared together. I apparently couldn’t stay up, try as I might, but I caught it a couple times the next morning. But Marvel wasn’t done at the trailer; they released three posters as well.

civil war 1


Above is one of the three released posters. And it’s gorgeous. In Civil War, some event (they’ve altered it from the comics, which I’m fine with, I’ll discuss that in a bit) causes our beloved avengers to break into two opposing groups. One side is led by Captain America, and the other by Iron Man.

The tensions between these two alpha leaders has always been present, but really built up in Age of Ultron and will reach breaking point in Civil War. A few months ago, Marvel revealed which of the avengers are on either side. Team Cap includes Falcon, the Winter Soldier, Sharon Carter, Hawkeye, and Ant-Man. Team Iron Man features War Machine, Black Widow, Black Panther, and the Vision.

Below, you can see the first trailer for the film, featuring our first look at Black Panther.

So…that’s exciting, right? Our favorite avengers fighting each other instead of side by side. This is gonna be an emotional one.

As I said, the creative team seems to have changed the reason for the Civil War a bit. In the comics, an event by some Young Avengers causes the deaths of many innocents. The government calls for all heroes to be registered, and the battle lines are drawn. Here, though I heard there will be an event, it seems that the war is more triggered by Steve trying to help, save, and protect his best friend Bucky. This makes me so happy. One of my favorite relationships in the movies and comics is Bucky and Steve. Winter Soldier absolutely broke my heart, and I have no doubt that Civil War will as well.

civil war 2

civil war 3



Here are the other two posters, and I guarantee when I see one in theaters for the first time I’ll openly gasp and run to it. The posters are gorgeous and I’m so excited. Captain America Civil War opens May 6th, 2016.













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