Warm Wishes Nail Lacquer Collection from Ulta Beauty

Though my hands aren’t the first thing you see when you meet me, I always try to make a good impression with them. That has led me to having a passionate love for nail polish. Much like lipstick, nail polish is something I need to not buy anymore, because I have so much of it. I think it’s a small thing that I can control in my daily life, and I need that little bit of control, the way my anxiety is.


For the holiday season, Ulta Beauty released a miniature bottle collection of nail lacquers. As it was only $8 for 4 little bottles, I couldn’t say no (especially when I’ve paid more than $8 for one bottle before). This collection came with 4 gorgeous and wintry shades that I’ll be wearing well into spring.



Sugar Plum is one of my favorite colors from this collection. It’s a deep, wine-y purple, that’s great for everyday wear. I see this color lasting until spring, because it’s dark, but not grim.



Poinsettia is a vibrant red that absolutely screams Christmas. Paired with green, people would think you were an elf.


Angel Frost is like snow for your fingertips. It’s a clear polish, heavy with glitter. I tend to have issues with all of the glitter clumping, when I use a glitter polish. Not this one though!


Blustery is my favorite from this collection. It’s a gorgeous, deep grey. It looks like the sky on the snowiest of days. I paired it with Angel Frost to lighten it up, but I can see it being a stark opposite to the flowers come spring.


Altogether, these colors were a wonderful addition to my (ever growing) collection. They go on smoothly, and dry very quickly. I used them with Ulta’s bottom and top coats, both of which are $6, and highly recommended.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, or for one of the Fangirls in your life, these are a fantastic addition to any collection!











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