Harley Quinn: Road Trip Special

Fangirls, I’ll always have a sweet spot in my heart for the Gotham City Sirens. I like the way they play off of each other, their goofiness, and how badass they are (both individually and together). So when I saw that there was a one-shot of their road trip, how could I refuse?!


The three queens of crime in Gotham take a break by flying out to California. Harley’s uncle had passed away, and left her a big trailer, car, and a request that she bring his ashes to New Jersey to be buried next to his wife. Distraught, she complies, but she brings along the ladies to make the trip safer, and less sad. And they get into every sort of trouble.

Their night in California, Catwoman steals a rad necklace, while Harley and Poison Ivy party it up. But when they get harassed by some meathead, Selina is back to knock him out. They all end up in the pool, and the rest of the party people join them.

The next day, they head to Harley’s uncle’s old place, to pick up his car, trailer, and ashes. From there, they go to Las Vegas for a couple days, and hit the road once more. But the dog that Catwoman nabbed the necklace from is hot on their trail, and runs them off the road!


After taking him down and sunbathing for awhile, the ladies flag down a car to take them to get gas and repairs. He does, but Ivy and Harley get plastered in his truck, while Catwoman takes care of the business. Then they continue their road trippin’ and sight seeing. Eventually, they get to New Jersey, for Harley’s uncle.

When they see the grave site, Harley is disappointed by the dead tree. So, of course, Ivy takes care of it, growing a brand new one in its place. It’s adorable. They finish up with a barbecue back at Harley’s.

This comic is great. It features a couple different artists, which a lot of Harley’s one-shots have done. I think it’s nice to have a wide range in there, so readers can discover new artists that they like.

Daring Harley to not speak for 15 minutes seems like a good way to make her explode!
Daring Harley to not speak for 15 minutes seems like a good way to make her explode!

I also like that it’s focused on the friendship of the Sirens. They’re obviously pretty close, but this comic really emphasizes that, and I think that’s really important. They all look out for each other, and take care of each other while they’re on the go, and that’s what friends do. It’s awesome.

Though Harley Quinn’s Road Trip Special doesn’t affect the regular storyline, I highly recommend it. It’s a fun story about friends hanging out, and it’s something that I would like to see more of in comics.






All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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