Heroes Reborn: Dark Matters

Heroes Reborn is almost upon us. It premieres so soon, and we just finished the original series. It’ll premiere with a 2 hour episode, and continue for 13 episodes. But before we can venture into the brave new world of Heroes Reborn, we have to begin with the online prequel, “Dark Matters”.

heroes 1

“Dark Matters” introduces us to many important factors that will pop up in the show, as well as characters. We see Renautus, a new company that isn’t all it appears to be. We see Evos everywhere emulating Claire Bennet and recording their attempts to use their powers, to evolve and grow with these abilities. We see some slight returns of old characters, and we meet Phoebe and Quentin. Phoebe is an Evo, and a pretty powerful one. She can control shadow, or so she thinks. She shows her brother Quentin, who thinks it’s amazing. She reveals herself to her college roommate, who also finds it fascinating. And she is involved and believed killed in the June 13th attack supposedly led by Mohinder Suresh. Quentin can’t believe the horrible things anyone is saying about his sister, so he teams up with a certain rebel – who has formed his own band of heroes – and finds out that in order to get answers he’ll need the man who was once in charge, the Man in the Horn Rimmed Glasses, Noah Bennet.

I’ll admit, I didn’t think this prequel would be as important as it proved to be. I was looking for something to watch, remembered that this prequel had been released, and pulled it up. I was shocked to see how pivotal to the actual story it was. I’m amazed it isn’t being shown as part of the show. Reborn was announced to be getting a 2 hour premiere, so I’m hoping hour one is this prequel.

In case it isn’t, here’s a link to chapter one of “Dark Matters”. There’s six parts to it, all relatively short, all worth watching. It really is important to see before the show premieres. And watching, you can feel the hints of the original show creeping in, ready for the world once more.











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