Yoshi’s New Island

On the list of things I didn’t realize I loved until recently, Yoshi is number one. It’s a long list, depending on how long ago you consider recent, but I’ve been playing this game on my New 3DS for almost a month now, and I love it. I think it’s adorable and fun, and I highly recommend it.


Yoshi’s New Island is a game for 3DS that came out in 2014. Baby Mario’s stork flight was interrupted by baddies, and he ended up on Yoshi’s Island! You have to play as the Yoshis to reunite him with baby Luigi, who was taken captive.

The game is a side-scroller adventure, and absolutely adorable. You play as Yoshi; giving baby Mario a ride across your island. As you go through the levels, different baddies show themselves, and you have to use your egg creating and throwing abilities to fight them off; all while keeping baby Mario on your back. If he falls off, he is bubbled up, and floats around briefly, crying, and will be kidnapped if you don’t get to him in time.


I find that to be the most difficult part of the game. You can’t get injured, or else baby Mario flies off, and you have to recover from your injury / fight the bad guy, and get back to Mario before he’s kidnapped. It’s tough, because he only floats around for about 10 seconds, and if you’re fighting a guy, or avoiding villains to get to him, it can be really tough!

Other than that, though, it’s an incredibly simple game. It’s a bit more difficult than Kirby, I think, and just as cute. I think it’s a great game for all ages. I use it to blow off steam when I’m exhausted or over-stressed after work. It’s fun and cute, and you should probably go check it out right now.











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