Fangirl Wishlist 2k15

Fangirls (and Fanboys, and everyone inbetween) that time is upon us again.  The Holidays.

Also known as the time when I receive anything that my family can find emblazoned with Steve Rogers on it.  While I *love* Steve, I’m trying ever so hard to get my family and friends to realize that my nerdy interests are broad and ever-reaching!

To that end, here’s another fangirls are we wishlist for the 2015 holiday season!
Bucky Bear Plushie $30

What Cap fan doesn’t need their very own Bucky Bear?  With this plushie by your side, you’ll never have to fight bullies alone! (If he’s sold already, this great shop will make you a custom one! If you’re one to want a Falcon!Bear or Widow!Bear, they’ve got you sorted!)


Velvet Custom Mina Jacket $249.90

This is one of those “my best friend hit the lotto and/or is Jennifer Lawrence” presents, but when I saw it, I knew it HAD to be on a wishlist. Edna Mode may say “No Capes” but even she couldn’t say no to this gorgeous jacket.

What geek girl doesn’t want a jacket that makes them look like a superhero??


Hawkeye Necklace $16

I’m always a fan of the subtle nerdy jewelry.  Those pieces that someone not “in the know” just thinks is kitchy and cool.  This piece is a great way to show your love of hawk bros without a big neon flashing sign!


Carol Danvers Kree Star Necklace $27

Any Carol Corps member needs a way to find their compatriots! The greatest thing about this piece is that it comes in 3 different metals, so if gold isn’t your thing (gold + blonde? That’s a LOT of yellow) you’ve still got options!


Dragon Scale Purse $49.99

We all have days where we need to feel like we are THE badass of all badasses.

For those days, carry your dragon scale ladies bag.  Fashionable, Fierce, and FEARSOME.


Millenium Falcoln cutting board $29.99

If you’re anything like me, adulthood means your Christmas list includes kitchen appliances and accoutrements.  Who says that you can’t think about completing the Kessel Run in less than 12 Parsecs while you’re adulting hard and prepping your meals for the week?  No one , that’s who.   Nerd on, my friends.














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