The Mighty Thor #1

A while ago, the Thor we all know and love lost his worth to hold Mjolnir. The hammer was abandoned on the moon, left there until another worthy member of the universe could be found. And one was found. A woman who has proven herself worthy, even to the original Thor. Her story continues in this new series, The Mighty Thor. 

mighty thor 1

Ok, let’s get spoilery. I can’t really talk about this series of Thor without saying who she is, especially since this series deals with her enemies as both Thor and her mortal self. So, in case you don’t know, the new Thor is…Dr. Jane Foster. And Jane’s main enemy is the cancer inside of her.

mighty thor 2

She tries to fight it as best she can, knowing the chemo therapy isn’t helping the way it should, feels that it makes her weaker. But when she wields the hammer, the chemicals leave her body and she feels better than she’s ever felt. But the hammer can’t cure her, it can only make her feel better.

mighty thor 4

Jane has an otherwordly job, as a senator in a galactic congress. She represents Midgard in a council of representatives to try and keep peace between the ten realms. But currently, the congress is afraid of the All-Father, who is hunting for this new Thor.

mighty thor 5

As Thor, Jane has to contend not only with the All-Father’s wrath – who is hunting this new Thor in order to get his son’s hammer back (his son, by the way, has come to terms with losing his hammer and supports this new Thor) – she also has an arch enemy in Maelkith, leader of the Dark Elves who is determined to start an all realm war.

might thor 3

And that sums up the first issue. I can’t wait to see how her story unfolds. I loved the series that introduced her and I am loving this series. I hope issue 2 comes out soon.













All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.



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