Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps Issue 3

Fangirls, this stuff is too good. Last issue, Helen took her ship out too soon, and it blew up. Luckily, Captain Marvel has the quickest response time ever, and started this issue by saving her butt. She got in and grabbed Helen before she suffered too much more than a broken arm. But now, the entire base knows something’s up, and it’s unlikely that they’re going to let that slide.


As soon as Captain Marvel is back on the ground, she’s shouting orders. Thodey’s job is to grab the go-bag and wait quietly, while the others get their planes -turned-rockets ready to go. As they head out, they can hear the alarms going off around the base, and worry a bit about what’s going to happen. It’s time to go, though, so everyone takes off except Cap; she heads back to their bunk, grabs Rhodey, and gets out of there.


The leader finds out exactly who is leaving, and just how serious the situation is. She sends out another squadron, and tells them to take the Banshees down, no matter the cost. As the attack sets in, the ladies “do the thing;” they let the attackers think they’re going to be able to hit them, but move so the opposing squadron hits themselves. I think the best example of Captain Marvel’s personality, is in this scene. She tells her attacker (Black Eyed Susie) that not only will Susie not be able to hit Cap, but that Cap won’t blast her. Even when she is being attacked, Captain Marvel doesn’t kill just to show that she can.

They get out, and to an island Rhodey suggested. There, Cap explains to him that they were the ones who destroyed his ship. They hold a brief ceremony for his team, and then,Cap hears something, and takes to the sky. Once again, they’re under attack, but bigger guns have been brought out. Well, maybe not guns, just hammers.












All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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