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Oh, Fangirls. I have missed you so dearly. Over the last few months, I have been far, far away from Fangirls Are We, studying beverage in the wild land of college. Needless to say, spending my days in lectures on wine & spirits, writing essays about bitters, and touring breweries have deeply impacted the things my Fangirl Heart is craving this holiday season. Fellow cocktail nerds, rejoice!

Though bar tools and accessories for the mixologist do not make up everything on this list, it is still clear that my life currently does have a clear theme. However, I did try to even these things out with other goodies I have been admiring from afar (the internet), and hope to someday soon obsess over.


Paine’s Red Cedar Incense ($7)
  Though I may spend most of my time geeking out from the comfort of my Macbook, at heart, I am a hella rugged dad. I’m a dad who, for whatever reason, adores the scent of wood. Hardware stores, boughs hanging in the woods, fresh cut trees. I. Love. That. Shit. The smell is intoxicating to me. So much so that even my body wash is wood scented. We’ll get to that later, though. A few months ago, a fantastic little shop near me in glorious upstate New York started advertising the most amazing product ever. Red Cedar and Balsam Fir incense. Yes please.


Citrus Bar Tool ($19.95)
No home bar is complete without the right gadgets to get the job done right. Citrus is a big component of cocktails when it comes to both building and garnishing. Let me tell you, microplane-stainless-steel-citrus-bar-tool-ctrying to get that perfect little spiral of lemon peel is a pain in the ass and I have a box of band-aids in my bar kit to back me up on that. For a well seasoned bartender, this is all no problem, and I’m just a rookie wimp. So, this product is for us wimps & novice home bartenders, looking to get the perfect twist or zest for our cocktails. Plus, it’s got a bottle opener, just for good measure. It is a stainless steel beauty that I can’t wait to hopefully be adding to my bar kit.



Bittermilk – Cocktail Mixer Compounds ($15)home5
Oh Fangirls, Bittermilk is one of those kinds of things that you obsess over and adore before you’ve even had it. The Bittermilk company had created some goddamn beautiful products, and I can’t choose just one to add to my list for this. I would love to try all seven. I’m pretty passionate about making things on my own, from scratch. Whether that is food, some DIY decor, anything. However, these folks at Bittermilk have made premix sound so delicious and well-crafted, I am saying fuck that just a little bit. Because this is not some sugary, margarita mix kind of shit. This is stuff made by bartenders, with real ingredients, for real cocktail enthusiasts. They’ve got mixes like Barrel-Aged Old Fashioned, Tom Collins with Elderflowers, Smoked Honey Whiskey Sour, and the one I crave so hard; Charred Grapefruit Tonic. Just reading about them is an erotic experience, Fangirls. Hopefully Santa Claus can deliver these babies straight to my palette.


Peau De Loup Clothing ($78)
Back when I was a regular contributor at Fangirls Are We, I know that I had discussed many times the struggles of being a doughy gal who loved “men’s” clothing. Button downs for days, Fangirls. However it is always so difficult to find a men’s shirt that properly fits me. Enter Peau De Loup. The women running this shop are creating fantastic, well-made shirts in a masculine style, but made more for a woman’s figure. Finally. Not only is this whole concept great, but the clothes are amazing too. They offer dozens of shirts, in patterns to fit any style on the spectrum. It’s a lesbian’s dream. Well, this lesbian’s dream at least. I’ll admit, they are a little out of my price range for the most part, but hey, that’s why they’re on a wishlist for now. Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 3.16.18 PM


Every Man Jack Cedarwood Body Kit ($15)
 Remember earlier when I mentioned that I love the smell of wood so much that even my body wash smells like wood? Every Man Jack is why. Recently, I was out buying some styling paste for my hair, and stumbled upon this woodgrain printed bottle, that was shaped like a canteen. I was drawn in. I saw that it was shower wash, reminding me that I had forgot that I was there to buy that too, and it was Cedar scentedkit-body-cedarwood-open. Cedar fucking scented. The best part is that it was a natural, chemical free product, and it was also incredibly affordable. Also, it smells like wood. Later that evening, I look up the company online, and find they have a whole bunch of different products, in very natural, clean scents, and a whole line of products with the Cedarwood scent. And I could buy them all in a kit that comes in a container that looks like a paint can. And it was only $16 for all four products. Inner Rugged Dad is very, very pleased and thinks that paint can could fit perfectly underneath the Christmas tree…


The Curious Bartender by Tristan Stephenson ($14.47)81+9DkRkf0L
Last but not least, a Fangirl needs a good read. This book seems like just the cure for me. With the beautiful cover, and the even more beautiful subject matter, The Curious Bartender is the cocktail enthusiasts guide to alchemy in the world of spirits and their many mixers, stating that crafting a “perfect cocktail relies upon a deep understanding of its ingredients” Amen to that, Mr. Stephenson. This isn’t just a book of recipes, it explores the history of mixology, specific cocktails, what makes the classics so good and how to make them even better. Yes please!



There you have it, friends. Apparently, all I want for Christmas are two things; wood & a good drink. Enjoy the holidays, Fangirls!





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