Colour Pop’s Vixen Palette

Fangirls, I love me some lipstick. I was sick and didn’t wear makeup to work the other day, and one of my coworkers said, “Are you feeling okay? You’re not wearing any lipstick…” My lipstick bag is bigger than my regular cosmetic bag; it’s a real addiction. One of my favorite brands is Colour Pop; a cosmetic company that is cruelty free, and the perfect price: $5. Awhile back, I got an email from Colour Pop, letting me know that they had some new palettes being released, one of which was Vixen. Of course I signed in to my account, grabbed Vixen, and cashed out before I could add too much more to my cart. Since Vixen comes with 6 different full sized lippie stix, so it’s $30 instead of $5, but it came with free shipping, and a card saying I’m their favorite Muggle. What’s not to love?


Ruffle is a dark, terra-cotta nude, in a matte finish. It’s simple, and I think a good color for anyone, any time of the year!



Plastics is a nice, deep plum with a matte finish. I like it best for Fall and Spring; that way you won’t get mistaken for having frostbite in the winter!



Night Owl is one of the pinkest pinks I’ve ever owned. I don’t think this is something I wouldn’t picked up outside of the collection; I tend to go after reds more than pinks. This is also a Creme finish, so it’s (again) not something I’d usually be into. But I really enjoy it, and can’t wait to wear it in the summer.



Last Call is a pale nude, which makes it incredibly versatile. I find that if I don’t know which lipstick to wear, I reach for Last Call. It goes with everything, and it’s Creme finish stays for any type of day.



Jingle is the perfect red. It’s so pure and easy to wear. I feel like it has become my go – to red. It has a Matte finish, so it’s really what I tend to look for in a lipstick.



54 is a wild child. It’s a gorgeous wine red, with a bit of sparkle in it. It’s pearlized, so it is definitely not something I would have picked up on it’s own, nor did I think I would ever use it when I saw that it was a part of this collection. Boy was I wrong! I use 54 all the time; I’m even planning my holiday party outfits around it. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and I wear it as often as possible!

I will continue to love lipstick, Fangirls. I have far too many shades for right now, so I’m trying to cut back, but it’s all so pretty! Though Vixen is not a part of Colour Pop’s Holiday collection, I feel like each of them is perfect for holiday parties and everyday wear! You can grab a set for yourself here.











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