Catwoman Issue 46

Fangirls, I have the Looney Tunes Variant of this issue (Catwoman smirking while holding a nervous looking Tweety Bird), and that threw me off for the whole issue. For some reason I kept expecting the comic to match the cover in art style. Silly me, that’s not what’s happening.


Eiko Hasigawa is throwing a party, and almost everyone is invited. She invites many of the heads of small, bickering families to her place, with the intent to kill them all. Antonia stops by, to offer her condolences on Hasigawa’s death, and Eiko accepts it, but asks her to leave. She is not on the list.


Meanwhile, gangs are being murdered across Gotham. Eiko’s men are putting an end to feuds the way she is; by wiping the slate clean. Catwoman hears about Eiko’s party, but by the time she gets there, everyone is dead. Eiko explains that it’s clean and quiet; the families won’t bicker or have turf wars anymore. It’ll clean up Gotham a bit. Thy fight, and when Catwoman has the opportunity to kill Eiko, she doesn’t take it.

She instead, goes to Penguin, who is accompanied by Antonia and Ward. They leave, and Catwoman is ready to get out of Gotham, and from the final panels where she’s on a motorcycle, it looks like she’s going to.


I enjoyed this issue, partially because I feel like it was the end of the mob stuff. I like reading about Catwoman, but the family business hasn’t been appealing to me. I did get worried that this would be the last time I read Catwoman for awhile, and I didn’t like that worry. But she’s still goin’ strong, and issue 47 came out this past Wednesday. I think these comics are gorgeous; the woman are strong and angular, the men aren’t the focus, and everything is good. If you haven’t been reading Catwoman, it looks like a new arc just started, so you should get in on it.













All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners. 


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