Appdicted: Destroying Your Phone’s Storage

Fangirls, I like my games. I like apps that I can play when I’m bored on my break, or that I can use on the train. I like the idea of not having to worry about using the wifi, so I prefer games and apps that don’t require it. But I’ve noticed that I have an appdiction, and my phone isn’t too happy about it.


I have an iPhone, like many other people on the planet. Apple has taken over my life the way it has the rest of my family, and it’s a bit of a problem. I love it, but it’s an expensive habit, and I’m noticing that it’s not a habit that really supports my appdiction.

The thing about iPhones is not just their price, but their storage options. I have a 16 gig iPhone, with 25 songs on it, and a couple notes. I have 8 apps, 90 pictures, and some emails on it. And guess what? I keep getting the “Low Storage” alert, basically telling me to delete stuff. The other day I went through and “cleaned house;” I deleted over 1000 emails that were just sitting there, and got rid of a ton of pictures, made sure there weren’t apps that I didn’t use daily taking up space, moved almost all of my pictures to my laptop, and guess what? Still no space. How on earth is it possible for me to still have no room? I don’t know.

But, that’s how it goes with Apple products. They fill up fast, wth toys and games from the app store. It’s difficult and irritating, but I guess that’s how it goes. If anyone has any recommendations on how to get rid of  stuff from the “documents and data” section, let me know. I’ve got to have a phone that isn’t full anymore.











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2 thoughts on “Appdicted: Destroying Your Phone’s Storage

  1. I have this same problem too but for me it’s ‘other’ that is taking up more space, which is silly because what is other?
    For your problem specifically, I suggest deleting internet data through settings and then backing up/syncing your phone because my storage always opens up a bit after a sync.

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