Dreaming of Daytona

One of my biggest gaming regrets is I never really made it to many arcades. I’m not sure if it’s because there weren’t many in the area or if my parent’s kept me away from them when I was a kid. As a result, I tend to have strong memories of the ones I actually played. Of them, there is one song that is burned into my mind…

Most the time it’s really hard to hear a game’s music in an actual arcade, but somehow I could always hear those opening “do, do-do, do, do, do dooooo”‘s. The funny thing is that I normally don’t like racing games that don’t involve tossing turtle shells at go-karts.  Something about the presentation really caught my attention: the music, the crisp graphics (being one of the earliest polygonal racing games when it was released), and even the look of the cabinets.

Of course, I was never very good at it. Arcade games tend to be hard by design, and are even more so when you only play it every few months at best. So when they announced a downloadable version of it for Xbox 360/PS3 you think I would have been all over it. Instead, I held off.

See the thing about arcade games is part of the reason they are so hard is because a lot the time they are kinda shallow.

I’ll leave you with a live version of “Let’s Go Away” performed by Rony Barrak and the composer, Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, because he’s kinda amazing.











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