Xmas Checklist

I like to consider myself a very practical nerd. When it comes to buying and giving gifts I like to go with things you’ll really use. So consider this a practical nerds holiday gift guide.

For the soundtrack of your life!

Over the ear headphones: $78.34


The Sony MDR7506 are the top of the heap for home headphones. I’ve had these for a year of constant use, travel, and punishment. They sound great, are comfortable for long use, and come in under $100 no matter where you get them.

Personal tip: purchase them at Guitar Center. Their cheap warranty ($10) means you can destroy them, take them in and they’ll hand you a new pair without hassle.



In-Ear Buds: $39.99


Okay, so my every day headphones are the Sennheiser OCX 685i. I’ve seen mixed reviews on these but here’s my take. I carry these with me every day for work and have had the same pair for three years. They’re durable, sound great, and feature an ear loop. That means if you like getting things done you don’t have to worry about your earbuds falling out. Get a pair. Put them in your work bag, gym bag, bug out bag, whatever bag. Just know that it’ll be one of the best investments you’ve ever made.

Personal tip: buy these and throw the garbage headphones that came with your phone in the trash. Don’t let the pretty carry case they came in fool you.


Time to get healthy…or at least it’s a start.

Hydro Flask Insulated Wide Mouth Stainless Steel Bottle: $51.68


A lot of people carry a water bottle. They carry one that doesn’t keep drinks cold unless you’re willing to have it sweat EVERYWHERE. You can’t travel that way. Get an insulated water bottle. Get one that looks great, is heavy duty, and keeps drinks cold. Get the Hydro Flask and never look back. They come in a ton of colors and kick ass.

Personal Tip: This is a heavy duty bottle. When it’s full of ice and water you will know it’s in your bag. Don’t be surprised. Water is heavy when it’s cased in metal. I also picked up the “flip lid” ($4.95). One of the only cons of the bottle is its wide mouth. Great for adding ice to the bottle. Not so great to keep from pouring water all over yourself. The flip top lid is the best solution. Not necessary, but I like it.


Fitbit Charge: $89.89


Unless you’re a professional athlete you could probably use a little more exercise. The Fitbit Charge is a great way to encourage you to get out of your seat and get moving. I picked the Charge because it doubles as a watch, shows you your daily stats including steps, distance, calories, and flights of stairs. It also notifies you of phone calls and shows the caller I.D.

Personal Tip: As a bit of a video game nerd I’ve treated the Fitbit daily goals like achievements. The more you get, the more you want. Eventually you’ll be healthier. Even if you didn’t plan on it.


Travel Like a Pro!

Accell D080B-011K: $19.99


This is the pinnacle of travel chargers. Simple, built for travel and a perfect solution where you need to charge EVERYTHING on one outlet.

I do a lot of conventions. Because of that, I find myself sharing hotel rooms. This means finding an outlet can be a challenge. This charger solves everything. The ability to take the top of one outlet and charge my phone, tablet, laptop, DS, beard trimmer, and Bluetooth speaker means I might be the asshole with too much gear. But at least I’m not the asshole taking all the outlets. Little victories.



Amazon Basics Universal Travel Case: $10.49


With all the tech you carry you need a place to put all the small stuff it needs to function. You need something big enough to carry everything but not huge in your bag. It has to have a home for everything without things getting lost. It has to look great but still function. But most importantly it has to be inexpensive but not cheap.

This travel case fits all the criteria. Keep your crap organized. You’ll thank me later.



Get Your Beard Right!

Pro-Line Comb Thru Softener: $6.15

proline softener

I love my beard. It keeps me from looking like I’m 12 and it keeps my face warm. The problem is that it needs love. It needs love daily. When I first started to grow it I thought about how great it will be that I don’t have to shave every day and how little work I’m going to have to put in.

I was a fool. Beards take work to look good.

I’ve tried beard oil, waxes, and creams from a ton of companies. Every time I end up with greasy hands, my beard doesn’t look the way I want, and I smell like Home Depot.

Save your money. Tame your beard. Keep it soft and looking right. One bottle lasts me about 6 months. That’s silly cheap.



Anyone who knows me knows that my dog is my best buddy. There is nothing I love more then getting up early on a Saturday and going on a hike. They love you, remember to take care of them like they’re family.


Gear for the Pup!

Canine Equipment Leash: $22


I’ve purchased a lot of leashes. No way around it this is my favorite. Comfortable on long hikes, a ring to mount your bag holder, and strong enough to handle your pup. They have a couple different colors but all of them are high quality and hold up to abuse.


Canine Equipment Martingale Collar: $15


I know it’s a personal preference but I have an issue with choke collars. I won’t get preachy but I like something that helps with pulling but is still safe with your pup. That’s why I love this Martingale collar. It’s made from the same high quality materials the leashes are. They look great and hold up. This is my go to for short walks.


Ruffwear Harness: $35.84


When I’m out on the trail this is my go to. When you’re on the trail you need a harness that is durable and strong enough that you can grab your pup and get them out of trouble. Keep them safe.


Leash Boss: $46.98

download (1)

50 feet of dog training excellence. Wanna go to the park or the beach and play but worried about taking your pup off the leash? This is the solution. Yes, it’s expensive but it works. It’s also a lot cheaper than a leash fine.















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