Fangirl Wishlist: Rose

It’s the most wonderful time of the year fellow fangirls and fanboys! The time of year where we all reflect on the past year and be thankful for what we have, and then wish for more! But seriously what is more exciting than filling out a wish list? It’s become a pastime of mine, it’s like pre-shopping. There’s no commitment, just wishing for the pretty things you see on your screen. Anyway, this is my first year doing the wish list here at Fan Girls Are We and I am excited to see what my fellow writers are wishing for this year.
Now my wish lists are vast and varied but to fit with the theme I narrowed it down to some very geektastic items and tried to pick a couple of fun categories. Maybe I will inspire some of you out there to add to your wish lists! Let’s get started!

The first section I want to cover is games, well game. This year the game I am stoked about is Rise of the Tomb Raider, which is set to be released later this month. This game is a sequel to the Tomb Raider game that came out in 2013 and I loved that game! You play as Laura Croft as she goes on her first adventure and becomes the tomb raider. The game was so much fun, especially as you upgraded Laura so by the end of the game she began to emerge as the kick ass woman we all love. I want to see how they transition the character from a somewhat inexperienced adventure to an all-out bad ass ready for anything! Plus you know the extras, like finding artifacts exploring hidden tombs and figuring out secrets, are going to be intense as well. Overall I’m just excited about jumping back into this world!


The next section is fangirl related clothing. I know to some clothing may seem a little boring but I’m a huge clothes nut. My sewing machine and I have a special relationship and there is nothing a nice shopping trip can’t fix, except maybe debt. First, keeping with the holidays I will show you this ugly Christmas sweater that reads; “Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animals.” For those who don’t know that’s a famous tagline from the Christmas classic series Home Alone. If you grew up in the 90’s you knew only too well the story of Kevin and his journey to figure out that you really do need your family around this time of year. Also, Harry and Marv just make me laugh right out loud. What could better represent the holidays than this piece of nostalgic Christmas goodness?


The next two sweaters pay homage to two of my original fangirl obsessions, Sailor Moon and The Legend of Zelda. Both are important to me because they represent a time when all I had to worry about was how to beat the water temple and what enemy would Sailor Moon and the scouts defeat this week? These can be found at TeeFury along with a bunch of other obsession worthy garments. Seriously if you have a geek on your gift list this year, go check them out!

2015-11-08 (1)2015-11-08

The final clothing item is a beautiful Sailor Moon inspired purse that I’ve actually seen a few times while browsing the interwebs. It’s a small black cross-body bag with kitty ears attached and a crescent moon on the flap. It’s just so cute! I personally named a kitty after Usagi’s furry companion Luna so this really makes me feel things. There is a white option to look like Artemis as well so whichever kitty was your favorite they’ve got a bag for you! There are many places to find these bags but I found this one on Amazon.


The last section I will talk about are figurines. Being a fangirl my heart races a little whenever I see well executed figurines of my favorite characters from literature, television and movies. The first two are from the famous Funko Pop collector vinyl figurines which seem to be taking over the nerd universe. I chose two of my favorite Pixar characters, Carl from Up and Merida from Brave. Funko’s unique figurine style matches Carl perfectly, and the tennis ball detail on his walker just makes my heart smile. The Merida figurine gets her famous curls just right and somehow they capture the wonder she has throughout the movie in those blank eyes. I don’t know how, it’s magic.


Another Funko figurine that I am particularly excited about is one of Bender, a character from one of my favorite movies, The Breakfast Club. Anyone who knows me knows my love of John Hughes films and The Breakfast Club is the epitome of his specific brand of quirky teen movies. The figurine is so spot on, everything from his fingerless gloves to the red handkerchief around his ankle is so perfect. Plus me with my known villain complex is just so excited that one of my first bad boy crushes has been turned into a cute little figurine!


The final item on my wish list I will share with you goes back to my love of Sailor Moon. I found these beautiful little figurines one day while browsing Amazon and I fell in love. Although all of the figurines, which include every sailor scout, princess Serenity and the Dark Lady by the way, are on my wish list I decided to simply include my favorite scout, Sailor Pluto. The figurine is beautiful looking and really gets Pluto down, especially her time travelling key. I love the attention to detail, they even got her all-knowing stance down. Very well done!


Well everyone that is it for my wish list! I hope you all get what you have on your own fangirl wish lists! Happy wish making!











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