Batgirl Issue 44

Faaaaangirls. This is getting so good I can’t even consider handling it! Frankie is so darn badass, and Babs is doing a great job and everyone is just so cute! I love it.


In this issue, Barbara finds out that the owner of a company called Gilcom is Velvet Tiger. She got tigers to start killing people who used to work for her, but left when it started going under. Babe also finds out that she’s Jeremy’s ex-girlfriend. He took her out to dinner, and she told him that he had to collect fingerprint and retinal data of his students, specifically the ones who worked at Foxtech. He did her bidding because he knows how dangerous she is, but by doing that, he helped her kill people with her tigers.

After speaking to him, Batgirl goes to Velvet Tiger’s parents’ old vacation home, where she is holding Jo hostage; suspended over a swimming pool filled with tigers. Batgirl swoops in, knocks out the tigers, and fights Velvet Tiger. Alysia repels down to save Jo, and they get out safely. But Batgirl gets hit with one of her own tranquilizer darts, and starts imagining things. Things like her bike talking to her, and taking her out of the area.


On a date with Luke Cage, Babs explains all of this. She then asks him to hire Frankie, but he says that he tried to, and she rejected him. He then (basically) asks Barbara out, of course she says yes. Then she invites him to a wedding!

At the end of the comic, we find out that Frankie was the one controlling Batgirl’s bike! She’s shown with technology attached to her neck and reacting to her all over, it’s amazing!


It’s a lot, in so few pages, but I love how much Batgirl is focused on the super-side, and the mundane side of Barbara Gordon’s life. I think that makes the book more realistic; especially as a fangirl who has to separate both her full time job and her love of comics. It’s nowhere near as intense as Batgirl’s, but it’s a little comparison that feels a bit reassuring. Plus I find it incredibly ironic that Bengal did the art on this issue; was it intentional? Great pun, regardless.











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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