Heroes Reborn Part 1

Well here’s a surprise, Fangirls – Heroes Reborn apparently has enough episodes to be split into two sections. They had a fall finale, and are coming back in the spring. So what that means is I’m going to review both halves of the new series.heroes 2


In Heroes Reborn, we return to this changed world five years after Claire jumped off of the ferris wheel in NYC, revealing to the world that people with powers exist. They are now called Evos, and thanks to an attack on June 13th, 2014, they are hunted and tracked and in hiding everywhere.

Like the original series, we follow a ton of characters. We meet Tommy, a teenage boy who wants to stop hiding but doesn’t know how to. We meet Joanne and Luke, a married couple who blame Evos for the death of their son. We meet Miko, a girl in Japan who must rescue her father from a video game he is trapped in (we’ll talk about this story in a little bit). Carlos is a member of the army who must figure out just how much Evos will impact his life and how he will deal with that.

Most importantly, we meet – or rather re-meet – Quentin Frady from Dark Matters, who tracks down Noah Bennet hoping he can solve the mystery of what happened to his sister. And Noah? He remembers nothing from the day of the attack, and he goes in search of his missing memories.

Now let’s talk stories. As with the original series, each story line intersects and each character is important to the overarching story. At first, I was way more interested in some than others. I was very much confused by Miko’s story until somewhere around episode 6 when it started to finally make sense. I especially loved Noah’s story for the obvious reasons.

But what I was most excited for was the return of six other original characters. That’s right, along with Noah, six of our original favorites showed up. And boy has the world changed…some of them. The one least changed (which made me so so SO happy) is Hiro Nakamura. His return literally brought tears to my eyes. And so far he’s been in 3 episodes. Three. I love it. I love him. I missed Hiro. Oh, and the most changed? Matt Parkman. I don’t know where they’re going with his character but he better get back to his roots.

The most important episodes so far have been “June 13th” Parts One and Two. Hiro takes Noah back in time and we find out what happened the day of the attack. Hiro warns Noah to watch out for butterflies so that they return to the timeline they know. But Noah screws up and created a butterfly.

The butterfly Noah causes has stuck with me. (Spoilers ahead) It affects the events of Dark Matters because he turned Quentin from an innocent bystander in all of this to a traitor working for the evil Renautus, a company who wants to harness and use Evos powers against their will. And I keep thinking about how he changed Quentin and what we’d seen of him up until the end of the two parter. But as I think about it, I realize that maybe Quentin isn’t quite the butterfly we think. In Dark Matters, he does everything he can while grieving to get the truth of what happened to his sister. His actions eventually lead Renautus to Hero Truther, the group trying to help liberate the Evos. We think, when watching Dark Matters, that the villains were led there by accident, but what if Quentin was always working for Renautus and just hid it well? And that’s what I love right now about this story line. If he is the butterfly, then are his actions in Dark Matters and the first few episodes innocent, or is he not the real butterfly and he was always hiding something? Is there a bigger butterfly to come?

I will say, most of the new characters started as kind of just ok and as the first half went on they all became much cooler and so much better. The ending of the finale was a little anti-climatic, and there’s only three more episodes when it returns, but I am pumped for the second half of the season.












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