All New All Different Avengers #1

Here’s something I didn’t realize until this new comic: there’s no current avengers team. There’s the Uncanny Avengers but they’re technically called the Unity Squad within the Marvel universe. So it seems time for a new team, doesn’t it? Well, that’s what we’re going to get with this new series All New All Different Avengers.

all new avengers 1

We discover the revelation that there isn’t a current Avengers team when Tony Stark – who’s going broke and selling his properties – helps out the new and current Captain America, Sam Wilson. They spot Spider-Man, not sure which one this is, falling out of the old Stark building, where he has discovered a teleporting Chitauri potentially teaming up with the guy who bought Avengers tower. I don’t know who he is but he’s definitely evil.

all new avengers 2

all new avengers 3

Also in this issue was a completely separate story of two others who join the team, Ms. Marvel and Nova. Kamala is trying to get away from her friends who are arguing about who should join the Avengers when a huge monster comes crashing through town chased by Nova. Ms. Marvel steps in to help and they not only get the creature under control, they talk to each other, get flustered around each other, and hope they never have to run into each other again. Not likely, since they’re both joining this new team.

all new avengers 4

As far as first issues go, it was good for setting up the story. It didn’t show us everyone who’s joining the team since Vision and Thor have to join in as well. But I do look forward to seeing how this team comes together.











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