Fangirl Wishlist: Cabin Pressure A-Z

There’s an interesting thing that British radio does that American radio doesn’t anymore; stories. Basically, television shows but on the radio. And I love it. I think it’s a fascinating thing to listen to and to picture what was happening. One such radio story that I love and would love to own is “Cabin Pressure: A-Z”

.cabin pressure

“Cabin Pressure” was a story about a small airline called MJN Air. There’s only really four people who work for MJN; Carolyn the owner, Douglas and Martin the pilots, and Arthur. Arthur is Carolyn’s son and steward of the plane. Oh wait, I forgot a fifth character, the plane. The plane is named Gertie, and she enjoys falling apart and making warnings go off when there’s no need. She doesn’t hold many passengers, I think only 15 or so. But even with all her troubles, she’s still a loyal girl.

What’s really unique about this show was that each episode was named after a place, and each place went in alphabetical order. The show went A to Z. Each episode was only about half an hour long, but they were always hilarious. And the final two parter was both hilarious and heart warming.

From the first episode, it’s easy to love these characters. They’re such a family from the very beginning and the writing is so good that you become a part of the family as well. Sadly, it’s difficult to own every episode of this brilliant show. There is a collection, “Cabin Pressure: A-Z” with special features and things, but it’s only available here on Amazon UK. Some episodes are available on iTunes for download, but last I knew they didn’t have all of them.

But trust me, it is worth the listen and purchase. “Cabin Pressure” stars Stephanie Cole, Roger Allem, Benedict Cumberbatch, and John Finnemore, and is written by John Finnemore. As far as I know, it was always recorded in front of a live audience, which helps add to the atmosphere. So give it a listen, and add it to your wishlist like I did.












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