Endgame Series by James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton

Lately, a lot of popular books involve the end of the world in some form or another. Some are well done, some are not. I just finished the second book in a series called Endgame by James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton, and it is definitely one of the better series in this genre.Endgame


Endgame is a new series – both books in the series so far were released this year. It is about twelve ancient lines, based all over the world, who were all created by a race called the keplers. The keplers decreed when they left that they would return when Endgame was to begin. And Endgame is what the lines have trained for forever. In Endgame, the twelve lines must compete in a game with no rules to see which line will survive the end of the world. Each line has a Player who must retrieve the three keys to survive Endgame – Earth Key, Sky Key, and Sun Key. The Players of Endgame must learn how to play a game with no rules, and eventually some of them discover things the keplers never meant them to know.

Endgame is dark, violent, but oh so good. Each Player is followed, given their own personality, their own quirks. There’s been two books so far, and for the first one I stayed up late to finish it. For the second one, once I finished it, I waved my kindle around in frustration because how could they end it there? How? And why can’t I preorder the next book yet?

Endgame is a well written series, with characters who have great depth…well most of them do, anyways. They authors make you truly hate the keplers, especially with what’s discovered about Sky Key. Book one is called “The Calling”, and there are even short collections that are prequels to introduce readers to each player (I didn’t read these, I jumped right into the series). I highly recommend picking this series up.












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