Emily’s Top 10 Lipsticks of 2015

Wow, another “top …” list; how unique. Well, no, Fangirls, it’s not a unique concept. Top whatever lists are easy and very run of the mill. Everyone has one, but I don’t care. I like lipstick, and I bought a bunch of rad lipsticks this year, so here are my favorites.

They aren’t ranked, at all. They’re numbered so you can tell at a glance the I did actually choose ten.


  1. Revlon’s Cherries In The Snow
    I’ve had strong feelings for Revlon for quite some time. One of the first lipsticks I was ever given was from Revlon’s throwback collection. It was a vibrant red in a classic tube. This one isn’t in a classic tube, but it’s an absolutely gorgeous red-pink that really does look like cherries. It’s a fun color, that fits well into my wardrobe and aesthetic goals. I bought it on a whim, because Ulta was having a BOGO sale on Revlon, so I threw it into my cart. I’m glad I did.NARS-Rikugien
  2. NARS’ Rikugien Lip Pencil
    Hot damn, Fangirls. This is an amazing nude; it’s dark enough to not look like there’s nothing on my lips, but light enough to work for most occasions. I got this at Sephora as my birthday present, which I found hilarious, because I had just told the girl working there that I was trying to cut back on my lipstick purchases, and her response was just “oh the irony” as she handed me the box with 2 NARS lip pencils. It was perfect. I highly recommend NARS lip pencils, because they have a consistency more similar to gloss than lipstick, but have more control.ColourPop-Jingle
  3. ColourPop’s Jingle
    I wrote about this perfect red the other day; it’s wondrous. I think it’s just the right amount of classy, with just an extra step of “oh shit.” It’s vibrant to the point of vicious, and exactly what I look for in a lipstick. I think ColourPop is rad, because they are cruelty free, cheap, and an incredibly friendly company. Their hippie six last quite some time, and come in all sorts of colors!NYX-Sinful
  4. NYX’s Sinful
    This shade was a part of my birthday present from Ashley. It’s a part of NYX’s Wicked Lippie line, and though the bright blue is intimidating; it’s perfect. I don’t wear it all the time, it’s a bit too strong for me to be able to do that. But when I do wear it, I feel ready to kill. I love it so much. Plus, NYX is another inexpensive and cruelty free brand!bite-bellini
  5. Bite’s Bellini
    This is another crazy bright color. This pink was given to me as a gloss and a lipstick for my birthday (from Sephora) last year, but I didn’t really use it at all until this year. I don’t tend to be a huge fan of pinks, especially ones that are borderline neon, but this color is phenomenal. I spent a good amount of time wishing that I could wear bubblegum pink (I can, but I don’t like the way it usually looks on me), and I think this color is the perfect answer to that.wnw-mochalicious
  6. Wet n Wild’s Mocha-licious
    I have become a snob about my cosmetics, Fangirls, and I’m trying to tone that down, because cost doesn’t have that much to do with the quality of make up, and there are some great colors from brands like Wet n Wild, and they’re more accessible than stuff from Sephora. This shade is a light chocolate, and I adore it. When it was recommended to me (by Ashley, again) I kind of looked at her like she was a loon. She’s far more specific about what she puts on her face than I am, and I was surprised that she would suggest a more common brand, but wow it’s wonderfull. It can be a bit drying, and give you cookie mouth, but if you stay on top of it, it’s wonderfulUlta-PinkNights
  7. Ulta’s Pink Nights
    Again, I didn’t think of myself as a pink person until this year. But I love it! Pinks can be fun and tend to say “party” a bit more than reds, but that’s not a bad thing. I think it’s good to have that range in your collection, and I’ve definitely found there’s room for pink in my collection. This is a paler pink, definitely not as wild as Bellini, but not as subdued as Rikugien. Ulta has some higher quality lipsticks that aren’t quite as expensive as elsewhere.jcat-Guava
  8. J.Cat’s Guava
    Speaking of lipsticks that scream party, Guava is an almost iridescent pink with purple undertones. This is another that it’s rare for me to wear, but it’s definitely a fun color to wear. Again, cruelty free and not too pricey. It works very well in springtime.KVD-Lolita
  9. Kat Von D’s Lolita
    This color was recommended to me by a lovely gentleman in Sephora. He saw that I was picking up some foundation by Kat Von D and thought I would enjoy her matte lip glosses. He was incredibly right. Lolita is a simple, dark nude, that looks damn good. I think it’s such a perfect shade that it could work on any skin tone and outfit!ColourPop-54
  10. ColourPop’s 54
    I just got this color a couple months ago in my Vixen set, but I’m in love. It’s the perfect holiday red, full of tiny sparkles! I’m in love with it, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.


So there ya go, Fangirls. I wear a lot more than just these ten lipsticks, but these are my favorites this year. Here’s to another year of lipstick!













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