Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat

Cool fact about this comic: it’s easily the best thing ever.


Okay, so we’re only one issue in, but holy guacamole Fangirls! Patsy Walker is craaaazy good and got me so pumped I read it three times! I know I get crazy excited about stuff all of the time, so it’s not the biggest deal when I’m excited (usually), but this got me Lumberjanes level pumped. So damn good.

The whole issue is a flashback, but Patsy Walker has an idea for super temps; an agency to help super heroes and just regular folks with powers and / or mutations get jobs. It all starts because she stops Telekinian (yup that’s the name he chose) from stealing a ton of cash from an armored car.


Soon after, they become best friends and roommates, and it’s stupid how adorable everything is. The two of them go into a bookstore, where she runs into one of her childhood buddies; Tubs, AKA Tom. Then she finds out that someone else from her childhood is making comics that Patsy’s mum started and she is not happy. Which is very understandable; nobody wants their likeness used without their permission, right?!


So the first issue has a lot of starts (including Patsy Walker getting a job in retail), and I’m very excited to see where they end up. The series will most likely focus on her quest to get the super temp agency set up and the stuff about her face being used for an embarrassing comic. I can’t wait for the silly hijinks she gets into!


This book was super pretty, and very much what I look for in a comic. It’s cute and fun, but the people look like people. It felt a lot like Zodiac Starforce, actually, in it’s colors and style. There is a solid mix of realistic and beyond adorable cutesy stuff, which was exciting in all the ways. It did just come out, though, so I’m kind of bummed to have to wait another month for the second issue.

In case you weren’t sure; I highly recommend this comic, and think everyone should read it right now so I can talk about it with you, thanks.










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