Appdicted: Comixology

Alright Fangirls, I know for a long time I’ve been a strictly physical comics person, but things have changed. Living over an hour from my favorite comic shop has put a hurt on my collecting; it’s difficult to get there, it’s tough to have comics in time for reviews when it’s so far away, and it’s just all around hard to not have comics in my life all the time. So I redownloaded Comixology, and gave it another shot.


And oh my goodness, I am so glad that I did. Comixology is an Amazon company that lets you subscribe to, buy, and read your comics digitally. It’s incredibly user friendly, and everything about it makes me so darn happy. I feel far more at ease, knowing that since I’m subscribed to Capture Creatures and Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat, they will automatically be charged to me and put into my comics library. It’s magic, I swear.

Comixology is definitely helping me feel more organized, because it shows me what I haven’t read, versus what I have. It also shows my subscriptions, and that helps me keep my money organized. Since its digital, I get stuff the day it comes out, so I can read it and review it (if the need arises).


I think the absolute biggest plus, though, is having my comics with me everywhere. I’m babysitting this week, and I always want to bring comics with me, but I honestly don’t trust children around my comics. I know that’s not the nicest thing to say, but I really don’t like the idea of my favorite comics being ripped or spit on. Having them on my phone keeps them a bit safer, because my phone is almost always on my person; not in a bag getting rumpled or nabbed by tiny hands. But having them digitally also means that I can share comics with my tiny friends without risking their safety. I have a neighbor that I think would really enjoy Lumberjanes. It’s a comic I love to support, so I definitely don’t mind rebuying a couple issues so she can read them on my phone.

It also saves on (physical) space. I love being able to physically pick up a comic and flip to my favorite part, but if it’s in my pocket, I can flip to it anywhere. I also adore that I can read curled up in bed without lights (but be careful, that’s not great for your eyes), or in the tub.

Altogether, I just love it. It’s clean and easy to use, it’s portable, and it’s attached to my Amazon information, so I only have one log in for it. It’s great, all around, and if you’re looking for a way to go digital with your comics, Comixology is where it’s at.









My allegiance will forever be to physical comics because there is nothing like fully engaging in a book. But Comixology is great.
















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