Scarlet Witch #1

I’m very excited for this series, Fangirls. I love Scarlet Witch. I think I first met the character in Avengers vs X-Men or Uncanny Avengers (I don’t remember which one I actually read first) but I have loved her character since meeting her. So naturally when i discovered she was getting her own series, I had to pick it up.

Scarlet Witch 1

It begins with Wanda having a dream that is more like a memory. She wakes up in her new Manhattan apartment and relays her dream/memory to Agatha, a possible spirit. She also has a great quote about dreams, “You and I both know there’s no such thing as bad dreams. They’re messages our subconscious sends us, if we only cared to read them as such.” As someone who’s had a lot of very weird bad dreams lately and as a hopeful writer, I love this line.

As much as Wanda hopes her new home will come with a new life, she can sense that something is amiss in this city. She discusses her former lives, her power and how it works, and she wanders the city looking and seeing that something is not right.Scarlet Witch 2And this new Wanda? She isn’t taking anyone’s shit. I’ll let this image show you the beauty, because otherwise I might quote the whole thing.

Scarlet Witch 3

Wanda is using her knowledge to fight evil witchcraft, and begins investigating murders where the murderers have no idea why they committed the crime. She recognizes all the signs of what is happening, and knows that a Sonellion – a magic hate-virus – has been conjured and released. She fights the creature and discovers that someone has a bigger agenda. Someone is weakening witchcraft around the world.

And that is it until issue 2. But I already love this. I love the writing, I love the artwork, and I truly love the character.












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