Nerds Gotta Drink: New Year’s Cocoa

During the winter months, there’s rarely a better way to celebrate than with hot chocolate. I love hot cocoa more than anything during cold times; it’s sweet, it’s warm, and it’s a phenomenal thing to put your booze in. I have always sworn by putting peppermint schnapps into my hot cocoa, but this year I’m mixing it up.


I grabbed some Swiss Miss hot coca mix (I used marshmallow madness, but without the marshmallows), my favorite imperial mug, a Hershey’s chocolate candy cane (to stir with, of course), and the Smirnoff Peppermint Twist vodka that was given to me for Christmas.

To make hot chocolate, I boiled water (you can microwave milk if you want it more rich), poured it into my mug. I then dumped 2 packets of hot cocoa on top of it, unwrapped my candy cane, and started stirring. Once it was fully mixed in, I dropped about 2 shots worth of Peppermint Twist vodka in, gave it a couple more candy cane stirs, and got to sipping.


This is so darn tasty, Fangirls, and the best way to ring in the New Year. Sure, champagne is standard, but if you’re more laid back and looking to keep warm as the ball drops, definitely go for the cocoa. It’s sweet and just a bit boozy, and this vodka is amazing. Plus, at the end, you get to eat the remainder of your candy cane! Hell yeah.












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