I Am Number Four Series

Fangirls, it’s no secret among my friends and family that I am a reader. I had to buy a new bookshelf recently because I had long ago run out of room. If I’m not reading multiple books at a time, something is not right. I am a self-proclaimed and proud book nerd. One series that I love is called the I Am Number Four series. It’s intricate and fun and light and intense and emotional, it’s such a great read.number 4


The series follows a group of aliens who look exactly like us taking refuge on our planet. They are known as Garde (the younger and powerful) and Cepan (the older and trainers). They hide here from the Mogadorians, an alien race of hulking beings who destroyed the home world of the Garde and Cepan and are now looking to kill the rest of them and destroy the Earth. We follow, as you may guess, Number Four, aka John Smith, and his Cepan Henry, as they settle in a small Ohio town hoping to finally make a home.

The Garde are special. There are nine of them, meant to grow and learn and develop powers to one day rebuild their home and rise as the leaders of the new world. They are protected by a spell that ordered and numbered the Garde, 1-9. No Garde can be harmed unless the number before them has been killed. And Number Four is next as we find the numbers 1-3 have been found by the Mogadorians. As the series goes on, we meet the other Garde and they gain human allies, and some unexpected allies and enemies pop up.

In total, the series currently has six books, with a seventh and final one coming out next August. Plus it has short companion stories that are important and intricate to the overall story – I believe right now there are thirteen of these with possibly one or two more scheduled. But don’t worry; if after this you want to catch up, you’ll be able to. They’re very quick reads, even though they’re over 300 pages each. It’s easy to read each book in the series in less than a week. And all of the short companion stories are collected in paperbacks and available as e-books, and again take almost no time at all.

What I find really interesting it the author or authors have decided to remain unknown. The series is written as “true events” tale, told and documented by the former leader Pitticus Lore. I’m not sure we’ll ever know who really wrote these books, but I don’t think I ever want to truly know. I like the anonymity of it all.

The series is a young adult series, but don’t let that put you off of them. They’re well written, the characters are all well fleshed out and grow well within themselves. The emotions are definitely felt as you read, and it’s easy to love or hate these characters.

The first book is titled I Am Number Four and is available anywhere books can be found. If you do start the series, don’t skip the short companion pieces, they are important. I hope you do pick these up and enjoy.











All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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