Blackberry Bath Bomb from LUSH

Ahhhhhh I love baths. Summer is rough because not only is it hot as butts, but I can’t really take baths because it’s hot as butts. Its so lame. But now that colder months are upon us, it’s time for hot soaks in pretty water, usually courtesy of Lush Cosmetics.
During the summer, I stocked up on a bunch of rad bath bombs to save for cold times, and I’m so glad I did. Sure, I spent a bunch of money, but it’s better that it was spread out over months and months, instead of all at once. One that I picked up waaaay back in the beginning of summer, is the Blackberry Bath Bomb.


Since this is a bath bomb, and not a melt or a bar, it goes into your bath, fizzes around, and peters out. Its a good size bath bomb, so when I first got it, I split it in two with a screwdriver and hammer. Its an easy way to make bath bombs last longer (you get two baths instead of one), and usually the color and scent are strong enough for you to get just about the same affect as when you use the whole thing. That was definitely the case with the Blackberry Bath Bomb. So I grabbed a book, smeared some Dark Angels on my face, and drew myself a bath.


Even before I dropped the BBB in, I knew the smell was going to permeate my bathroom. It has this absolutely gorgeous scent, that’s reminiscent of summer and berry picking, and it’s strong, but not overpowering. It’s gorgeous.


And the color is absolutely perfect. Since I used half, the color was a bit thin, but it gave my bath this lovely deep purple hue, and I felt like a real princess (which is my goal, whenever I take a bath). About a quarter of the way through the fizzing, I noticed a paper coming out of the bath bomb. When the bomb subsided, I found the paper, and it just said BOOM BOOM which made me feel a bit less like a princess, and more like Amethyst, my favorite of the Crystal Gems.


The bath was sweet in a far more natural smelling way than the candy scented baths I love to take, but I really enjoyed it. It was brief, but strong and absolutely lovely. I highly recommend the Blackberry Bath Bomb to anyone who enjoys calming, yet sweet baths. The only thing that bummed me out was the purple residue that was left on my tub. Its rare that Lush Bath Bombs leave residue, so I’ve begun to believe that they don’t. Sadly, the Blackberry Bath Bomb proved me wrong, but it was wiped away with one swipe of a wet cloth.

I loved it, fangirls, and will definitely be buying Lush’s Blackberry Bath Bomb again (after I use the second half of my first one!).












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