Harley Quinn Issue 21

Fangirls, the Clown Queen of Crime is back on the case of Sparrow, and remember who just entered? Deadshot. He’s there to collect some bounties, but Harley is not happy after he kills of her cowboy. And she isn’t afraid to let him know.


They fight, starting immediately in the comic, and he kills a couple more people. After she (mostly) gets it out of her system, he carts off his prizes, and she goes after Sparrow. Well, first she goes after Nick, Sparrow’s enabler, to learn more about the story.


Turns out Sparrow and Nick got married, and she used up all of his money. After that, he took out a loan from some folks who don’t appreciate missed payments, and then proceeded to miss payments. When the money ran dry, Sparrow didn’t stop. She moved from material items to drugs, and started bleeding her mother dry for her drug money.

Nick drives Harley to the gym where her drug dealers work, and she busts a noggin to get to them. Sparrow is there, and looking for a place to crash. But as soon as Harley gets inside, she’s followed by the loan sharks after Nick; he told them that she has his money that he owes them, so they’re now after her. The Hume owners let them in, and promise a gym membership with parking and juice bar access, as long as the fight goes outside, but the boys are sent out on their own.

Unhappy, they shoot at the door handle, and the bullet ricochets, killing one of them. Another gets flipped and his pistol falls, shooting him in the head. Sparrow jumps at the opportunity to book it, and Harley konks her with the fallen pistol.

The gym owners (and drug dealers) take Harley and Sparrow back to their place. Harley gets a massage, and Sparrow is tied and gagged. Soon, Ms Adarro shows up, guns blazing. Harley pulls her aside, and tells her that instead of giving her daughter the beating of a lifetime, she should take her home and get her the help she needs. Harley takes her payment, and takes off.

She then gives Nick the money he needs to get the sharks off his tail. She promises that it’s a loan, and that she’ll be back if he doesn’t get on paying her back. She then heads to the airport, where she runs into none other than Floyd, aka Deadshot. They have some drinks together, and she leaves, taking his bounty money with her.

I love how crafty and clever Harley is. She’s sneaky and conniving, and she gets what she wants. This issue was fun to read, and got me curious about what she is going to do in Beverly Hills, and what she’ll be doing with the money that she stole.












All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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