Mii Plaza Games

As you all know, my 3DS is the best thing that I bought in 2015. It’s a rad portable gaming system that comes (literally) everywhere with me. I love it so much, and I rarely leave it at home.


One of the reasons that I bring it everywhere with me, is because of Street Passing. Street Passing is a way for one DS to recognize another. After the DS’ notice each other, each user is alerted, and can welcome the other players to their Mii plaza. Once new Miis are welcomed, you can take them (up to ten of them, anyways) to play some games. Two games are automatically a part of your Mii Plaza (Puzzle Pieces and Find Mii), but there are extra games that you can buy for $15 (you get four of them for that price). You get Mii Force, Flower Town, Warrior’s Way, and Monster Manor. Each is a unique and fun mini game that can be played rather quickly.


Mii Force is a game where you and up to nine of your street passes have to fight your way to reclaim space. You fight aliens, undersea creatures, and monsters of all types, trying to reclaim space. It’s fun, and a bit more difficult than any of the other Plaza games I have, but that makes it more exciting. It’s also gracious enough to give you three tries with each team you assemble.


Flower Town is a game about flowers. Your goal is to grow 20 unique flowers and become a master gardener. You need your street passes to help you water the plants that you grow, and once each flower is grown, you can get seeds from the combination of your flowers. It’s a cute game, and probably my favorite, because there are many different types of pretty flowers that you can grow.


Warrior’s Way is a neat game to have, especially when you street pass a lot of people. The goal is to conquer the world, and to do that, you must collect warriors. Each person that you street pass with has an army full of the people that they street pass with. As you go through, some people are called “Monarchs from Afar;” these are users who also play Warrior’s Way. You can either fight them (and gain more people in your army if you win), or greet them peacefully. After you have gained an army, you can fight through the world, and take over.


Monster Manor is a puzzle game, with the goal of finding your detective assistant. She is somewhere in a mysterious manor, and you have to gain pieces from your street passes on each floor, to move up higher into the manor. It has a lot of neat elements, and I’m taking my time with it more than the others, to make sure I can get as many upgrades and hidden treasure as possible.

The extra games on Mii Plaza are just that, extra. But they’re a ton of fun, and one of my favorite relaxing ways to end a day. I highly recommend buying them, if you have a DS, because it’ll give you a whole new set of games for half the price of a regular DS game.











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