Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps Issue 4

The Thors are coming, the Thors are coming!


But really, the Thors are attacking the area Captain Marvel and the Banshees have hidden out, and it’s time to skedaddle. They come up with a plan; throw the Thors off with sharp turns. Have Captain Marvel lure them away so the rockets can get into the sky, and have Rhodey and Helen set up some explosions to bring them down. Survive.


And they do it. Kit helps them to break free of the Thors (and hopefully she won’t be punished too severely), and the Banshees (save Rhodey and Helen) head out to punch a hole in the sky. It was chilling saying goodbye to the Corps so soon after meeting them. The issue ended with what looked a lot like a series ending, and it was incredibly sad. The sergeant lets the Banshees go, and the issue comes to a close with “Higher, further, faster, more,” and the description of a Banshee. It’s beautiful, and sad, but also wonderful because they did it.

The icing atop the sadness cake, was the thank you letter at the end from Kelly Sue DeConnick. It was perfect; she thanked everyone and it was so beautiful I cried some more. The Captain Marvel comics have become something that I look forward to more than most things. I love being able to see these women kick ass, and no one writes it better than DeConnick. I’m going to miss reading her pieces monthly with Carol, but I plan on finding some of her other work, and letting that take Carol’s spot; not in my heart, but on my shelf. Captain Marvel has inspired me to be more, and go further. It makes me want to push myself, and I’m so grateful for that.


So thank you, KSD, for absolutely killing it with these two series. You’re a wonderful writer (nd person, it seems), and you make me want more; both from myself and the world. Thank you to the artists who made Captain Marvel’s mohawk the raddest thing around, for the colorists who made her shine, and the Carol Corps for showing the best type of fandom camaraderie. Thank you all.

















All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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