Game of Thrones Part 4 (Part 1)

Yes, Fangirls. This post will include only book 4. Why, you ask? Well, when George R.R. Martin was writing book four, it became 1500 pages long. He knew he needed to cut it in half, but instead of splitting it down the middle he divided it by character. So in book four, A Feast For Crows, we got everyone in King’s Landing and the surrounding areas, and book five, A Dance With Dragons, is everyone outside of King’s Landing. As for the show, I know season 4 still has about half of book 3 to finish, but I’m not going to risk any spoilers. So books 4 and 5 and seasons 4 and 5 will be really spread out.

Within book four, we had two Lannisters, a couple of hiding Starks, a man from the wall, people of the Iron Islands, and my favorite knight in all of the books. Book four gave us some new characters for chapters, including Cersei Lannister, Theon’s family who clearly don’t care about him so why should I care about them (spoiler alert, I don’t), and Samwell, my favorite person on the Wall besides Jon Snow.

Here’s my biggest issue with this book and why it took me so long to read – so many chapters were given to Jamie and Cersei Lannister that by the time we returned to the other characters I’d forgotten what had happened previously. So much love for these two Lannisters in this book, one of whom is coming into his own and the other of whom is so paranoid and insane her chapters drove me crazy. She was willing to do literally anything, including breaking her only son’s heart, to protect herself and her title as Queen. But she was never truly Queen, she was only Queen Regent, ruling until Tommen was of age to become king.

In this book, Tommen marries Margaery, another woman who craves being Queen. Here’s the difference between her and Cersei; Margaery actually cares about the people she’d be ruling. Or at least she puts on a good enough show to look like she cares. I believe she genuinely cares. But Cersei? She cares about no one and nothing except herself.

Let’s talk about some characters who aren’t Lannisters because Lannisters drive me crazy. Arya has found her way to Braavos to learn to hide herself with magic, and I’m hoping one day she returns with her knowledge, kicks some butt, and becomes a true knight. Sansa is protected by Petyr Baelish, who is passing her off as his bastard daughter while secretly planning for her to regain control of Winterfell. Brienne is fulfilling Jamie’s wishes to find Lady Catelyn’s daughters when she is caught and brought before a surprising face for judgement. Samwell is sent from the Wall to be trained to become the new maester of the Wall. And everyone on the Iron Islands is going power hungry and I don’t care about them. They’re stories are going to intersect with Dany so maybe I’ll care more when Dany actually shows up.

No season 4 talk this time, like I said. I know season 4 will be finishing up book 3 and somehow they’ll cram the more-than-2,000 pages of books four and five into season 5, but I don’t want to risk any character spoilers. I’m currently reading book five, and thankfully it’s going a lot faster than book four did…mostly because it’s full of characters I love. So look for the post on book five soon.

Don’t get me wrong, even though I feel that there were too many chapters given to the Lannisters, I am still really enjoying this series. I can’t wait to see all that book five has to offer.










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