Peel Off Passion Masque from Montagne Jeunesse

Numerous times, Fangirls, I’ve mentioned my love of peeling things off of my face.  I adore face masques specifically for this reason; I clean up my face and finish by peeling something off of it.  It’s rad as heck.  Awhile back, I told you about the Cucumber Peel-Off Masque by Montagne Jeunesse, and I enjoyed my experience so much that I wanted to try out a new one: the Passion Peel-Off.


I loved the scent.  Right off the bat, when I opened the package, I knew that this masque was different from the other one because of it’s scent.  While the cucumber masque chilled me out before bed, the Passion masque made me want to get up and do things, not a good thing to do at night.  The motivation that came with the scent wasn’t bad, for sure.  I got a lot of work done.  But when I take a bath, I want to be chilling out.  I usually take them to prepare for bed either at the beginning or middle of the week, because I have so much on my mind.


As great as this masque smelled, it was also amazing feeling.  I thought it would become my new standard; I’d be using the Passion Peel-Off until the end of time!  But after an hour of it sitting on my skin, it still hadn’t dried.  I gave it the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe my bath was too hot and I was too sweaty.  Maybe it just wasn’t meshing with the day.  Luckily, the package comes with enough face masque good to last for two uses.

The second time was no different.  Sure, there was a bit of peel that I got to do at the end, but the masque was still pretty darn wet.  It didn’t solidify as quickly as they usually do, and that really bums me out.  If you’re advertising “peel-off,” I want to be able to peel it off!  I think it’s a pretty reasonable want.

A bit would come off, then I'd get to a point where everything was just goopy and I wasn't into it.
A bit would come off, then I’d get to a point where everything was just goopy and I wasn’t into it.

Regardless of the lack of peel, I really enjoyed this masque.  I found the scent exciting and invigorating, and would recommend it as a morning masque (not that I get up early to do a face masque before I shower, but maybe you do?).  It got me awake and ready to get stuff done.  So if you need that in your routine, get this masque.











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