Cat woman Issue 47

Our girl is done with the Catfather and back as a thief! I’m so glad that this didn’t end, but also that she’s back to her old gigs. And boy does she start strong!


The issue starts with Catwoman stealing the Star of Saint Petersburg from a Russian Mob Boss. She alludes to how she would have been sitting across the table from him if it weren’t for her giving up her position in the Calabrese family, and it reminds me (again) how good it is to have her back. She steals the jewel (rumored to have been worn by the Tsarina Alexandra herself), but not without a little fight with Nikolai. They duke it out, and though he’s strong, she has a target that can’t be beaten.


She brings it to her fence, who gets her good money for it. She says that he’s been her fence for almost her entire career, but I thought at the very beginning of this series she had a female fence that she was incredibly close with who got murdered. But DC changes things all the time, so who knows. He has a new target for her, though; the Frost Diamond.

Don't blush too much, Selina.
Don’t blush too much, Selina.

Supposedly the Frost Diamond is the biggest Black Diamond that money can buy. It’s large and beautiful, and the fence wants his cut because the doctors say he’s dying. He wants something that will help his family when he is gone. Selina (begrudgingly) takes the job; she doesn’t like the lack of information on the client.

She gets close to the CEO of Frost Industries, and he brings her to an event where they show off the Frost Diamond (idiots). Selina, on his arm, snags his fingerprint from his champagne glass, and sends it to Tesla, her steampunk techie, and Tesla turns out the lights. Then, Selina trashes the guards, steals the diamond, and gets out before the lights come back on.

I'm very glad that Tesla is working with her still.
I’m very glad that Tesla is working with her still.

She heads to her fence’s place, to get the diamond to him as quickly as possible. When she gets to him, though, she finds him murdered. And minutes later, the police are there. She ends the comic saying “that’s when I knew I was set up.” I’m curious about who set her up, and how they knew she’d be there. They could be the person who put out the call for the Frost Diamond, but we won’t find out until issue 48!


This issue felt good. It’s great watching Catwoman steal, and it’s a reassurance that she’s back at it. The art is done by Inaki Miranda, who was the artist behind Coffin Hill. I think creepy and dark are her wheelhouse, so seeing a more goth-ish Selina is neat too. I like that it’s been switched up a bit. Overall it was a great issue, and I feel like if jumped back in just the right amount. She dove out of a window, which was what she did in the first issue of the new 52 Catwoman, so that was a neat little homage to that.

Put Catwoman back on your subscription lists, Fangirls. This shit is good.











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