Appdicted: Shop Disney Parks App

Fangirls, we all know that there’s nothing more awesome than exclusives. That goes for everything, from conventions to places, and even to Disney Parks. They sell some amazing things that you definitely can’t order from the Disney Store online, or get anywhere other than the parks themselves. Until now, that is.


One thing that I really loved about working in Disney (other than the free park entry) was the constant ability to buy Disney merchandise. I could ship it home on my own time (cheaper than Disney’s shipping sometimes), and check it out while I lived there. There are some amazing things that the parks sell! When you’re just visiting for a couple days, it’s hard to decide which souvenirs are best; usually people only go to each park once on their vacation (because it’s so expensive). So you have to know exactly what you want from each park.


Things have changed, a bit, thanks to the Shop Parks application. The app (run by Disney), sells many of the things that you can only buy at the parks! I downloaded it because I was told that the special hair clip I want was sold on it (it’s not), but I found some wonderful collectibles that I may have to get.

My personal favorite section, was that of the Star Wars stuff. There is clothing, pins, USB’s, and all sorts of neat collectibles that you can’t find anywhere else (except maybe on eBay, marked way up). I thought the Star Wars section was rad, though, because they have a good amount of Rey and Captain Phasma stuff, which was both exciting and scary (goodbye, money!). They also have a phenomenal Haunted Mansion section with a beautiful figure of the Girl on the Tightrope and I want it more than anything (pictured above).


You can order things from on property, and have them sent to your hotel room, you can find out where to buy the things that you want in person, or you can sit at home and order the things that you want. It’s amazing, and it makes me feel like my room is going to become even more cluttered with Disney stuff.

I highly recommend this app for Disnerds everywhere, but remember that the prices are still Disney prices. The stuff isn’t cheap, but everything that I’ve bought in park is high quality, and I assume that’s how the app stuff is too (since it’s literally from the parks).











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