Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Basic fact: Marvel’s Jessica Jones received a lot of hype and praise that first weekend it was released. I didn’t have time to watch it when it first came out, and I struggled to find the time. But I’ve done it. I found time. And all that hype? All of that praise? It was so well deserved.

jessica jones

Marvel’s Jessica Jones begins in the middle of her story. Jessica is trying to rebuild her life now that she has become free of Kilgrave, a man who can control minds with his words. He controlled her, used her, made her do anything he wanted. When she broke free after he had her kill someone she didn’t want to, she tried to bury him, thinking him dead. But he wasn’t dead, and he wormed his way back to her for revenge. Jessica must now fight her demons to get her life back once more.

Starring alongside Jessica is Mike Coulter as Luke Cage, who’s getting his series in 2016 (most likely in fall since season 2 of Daredevil is supposedly coming in the spring). Their stories are very intertwined. And the companies could have given us Luke’s story with Jessica as an outlier first. But they didn’t. The way the stories were written, thankfully it made sense to tell us Jessica’s story first with it’s connection to Luke than the other way around. And what that tells me is that the companies are listening to the fans who want more female heroes, and who want them now.

My other favorite relationship in the series is between Jessica and her best friend Trish. Trish has had a rough life as well, and she has overcome it with Jessica’s help and her own will power. And now Trish does everything she can to help Jessica defeat Kilgrave. I love these two. They were perfectly cast and brilliantly performed and wonderfully written. Trish is in every episode, and in one of them we see just how they became true sisters. It was wonderful, one of my favorites. Everything about Jessica and Trish’s friendship is perfect, even if they aren’t.

And now, let’s talk Kilgrave. He’s played by the brilliant David Tennant, whom I love in basically everything I see him in. This character, however, I do not love. Don’t get me wrong, Tennant portrayed him perfectly. I was often very terrified of the character. He is a man who can control anyone’s mind with any word he says. He’s psychotic and slimy.

Cinematically speaking, however, Kilgrave had one of my favorite tricks. We the audience don’t see his face until Jessica Jones finds him alive and well once again. It’s brilliant. Of course we see him; we see his silhouette, his profile, we hear his voice. But until she finds him again, we don’t fully see him. I loved that effect. I love when cinematography is used brilliantly.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones continues to great relationship between Marvel and Netflix. They get to show these comics in the dark and gritty way they were meant to be told, and it’s amazing. I think next up for them is the second season of Daredevil and then the first season of Luke Cage, who I already love thanks to Jessica Jones. I’m excited to see how far this relationship will go.












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