Planet Earth is Blue

DavidBowie-portrait Fangirls, we lost a great one. I was having trouble falling asleep last night when I decided to open my computer up and stream some Netflix to lull me to sleep. Instead what I came across was an article announcing the passing of David Bowie, a music icon, fashion powerhouse and everyone’s favorite Goblin King. I stared at the screen convinced it was a hoax and quickly googled for confirmation. Sadly, it was true and this legend has left us at the age of sixty-nine after an eighteen month battle with cancer surrounded by his family.

I didn’t sleep last night, for those who know me they know my love for Bowie runs deep. From a very young age I have been obsessed with the man, after my first viewing of Labyrinth I announced to my father I was going to be an actress so I could work with David Bowie one day. When I was introduced to his music, I become hypnotized by his weirdness. Here was a grown man wearing make-up, crazy costumes and singing about going into space. I was hooked. Labyrinth, and by extension David Bowie, became one of my very first fandoms. One of the first things I would sit and think about over and over again as a kid in my bedroom, one of the first set of characters I would try to draw and write horrible fanfiction about. David Bowie became my outlet, my source of inspiration and in a way he became a silent friend, helping me get through the pains of growing up.
Today I am just as shocked at his loss, social media is lit with memorials and shared feelings of sadness. I think this is only a testament to the impact this amazing man had, I know I am not alone in my love for his music, his style and his overall being. Actor Simon Pegg posted on Instagram this morning;

“If you’re sad today, just remember the world is over 4 billion years old and you somehow managed to exist at the same time as David Bowie”

I think this is an amazing way to look at it, we were all incredibly lucky to have lived at the same time as a man with such talent. We were lucky to witness his magic first hand for years and we are lucky to be left with his memory to carry on into history.


Although this is a sad day I want to leave this article on a good note. Let us remember David Bowie as the visionary he was and the feeling his music gives us. Let his memory live on through us and let us pass it on to future generations. There will never be another like him. Fellow Labyrinth lovers, let’s raise a glass and toast the Goblin King, this is ground control to Major Tom, we will miss you. Rest in Peace David Bowie.













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