All New All Different Avengers #2

So we’re back, Fangirls, to the reassembling of the Avengers. I’ll be honest, I didn’t realize issue 2 had been released until I saw it at the comic shop. Nevertheless here it is.

all new avengers 5

When last we saw our broken Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider-Man (who I’m fairly certain is Miles Morales but I could still be wrong) had been defeated by a Chitauri with superpowers, and Ms. Marvel and Nova had some awkward teenage hero moments that I loved. This issue, our defeated heroes begin to awaken with the aid of one of my personal favorites, Vision, who is part of the new Avengers team.

all new avengers 6

We learn that the man who bought Avengers Tower from Tony is named Mr. Gryphon, but he remains mysterious. Nova discovers that this Chitauri is in town and he worries that it’s the same Chitauri he once flung into the sun returning for revenge. He flies to NYC to investigate, and he must once again team up with Ms. Marvel.¬†They get some help from the growing Avengers, which makes sense since they’re all after the same Chitauri.

all new avengers 7

In the middle of the fight, the new and amazing Mighty Thor appears to aid in the battle. Have I mentioned I love her so so much? Because I do. A lot. So everyone is fighting when Mystery Man (because even if he Mr. Gryphon we still don’t know who he truly is) arrives and opens a portal for the Chitauri to escape through. And that’s all until the next issue.

I’ll admit, even though the series is moving a little slowly to me, it is nice to see the team build itself back into being the Avengers. Also, I grabbed Sam Wilson’s new Captain America series so I can find out what happened between him and Steve Rogers.

So, that’s all. We’ll hopefully get more answers next issue.











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