Nerds Gotta Drink: Ghostbusters’ Ecto Cooler

I am hoping, Fangirls, that you are all as excited as I am about the female Ghostbusters film set to release later this year. In my excitement, I needed a reminder from my boy that I should attempt a Ghostbusters themed drink! I figured one out that’s pretty darn good, and a bit reminiscent of the Ecto Cooler of days past; this one is just a lot more boozy.


You don’t need much, just some lemon lime soda (mine was flat, making the drink crazy sweet), red berry vodka, and sour apple pucker. I used the ratio 6/1/4 with the ingredients as shown, and it was surprisingly tasty. I knew that I definitely wanted the green, oozing look, but didn’t want it to just be apple pucker. So I added the red berry vodka as a bit of a fruit punch type flavor, with the flat soda to sweeten it up.


I was happier than I expected to be with the result, but I think it would have been better it it were blended with ice. I think an echo slushy would be phenomenal, and I think I’ll be getting some ice and more apple pucker to try that out.

We may have to wait until September to find out who exactly we’re going to call, but that just means we have about nine months of presuming to do! We’d better get on it, Fangirls.











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