Batgirl Issue 45

Ooooh my goodness, Fangirls, this is some great stuff right here. This issue is all about loooove and it’s adorable, but it’s also a lot to handle, especially for Ms Gordon, so let’s get to it!


Barbara is putting out all sorts of fires at Alysia & Jo’s wedding. She’s removing stains, giving out deodorant and earring backs like some sort of superhero. She goes out to check on Luke, and when she can’t find him, she texts him and finds out there has been a bow tie emergency. She goes to help him, and they’re interrupted by the one and only Dick Grayson.


He and Barbara go up to the roof, and he tries to be all smarmy and cute, but she flips him. When she tells him that she has too much going on that day to deal with his nonsense, he says that she probably needs the ring, shows her that he snagged it, and runs off. Of course she follows, after changing into the Batgirl suit. She gets the ring back, and Dick tells her that ever since she saved him from Killer Moth, he had feelings for her. What she said, really surprised me.

“No, Dick. You can’t just do this. You can’t come back, turn my life upside down and expect me to fall into your arms just because you smile at me. […] There was a time I would have been all over you. But then you went away. You made me move on. You have to deal with that.” It surprised me, not because I doubt Barbara’s loyalty or strength, but because it seems too rare that women explain exactly why they’re saying no, stick to their guns, and shut it down. It was really refreshing and encouraging to read that interaction. Barbara wants to remember this wedding as a beautiful ceremony, not the time Dick Grayson came back from the dead and made her life even crazier. I really enjoyed that.


She gets back to the wedding, wearing her dress and Doc Martens, and everything goes off without a hitch. But when she gets home, someone is counting in her doorway, I guess we’ll have to wait ’till next month to see what happens!












All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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